Your Ex-Girlfriend Just Wants to be Friends?

Your Ex-Girlfriend Just Wants to be Friends - what now

She wants to be friends, and this sounds like an interesting proposal, right?

Even though such a move sounds good, it is never an assurance that your friendship will work. Transitioning from a love relationship to pure friendship has it’s serious effects.

There is a higher chance that you will either get back together and start a close relationship or rather lose her completely. There is a lot you can do if your ex-girlfriend just wants to be friends.

The appropriate action for you to take depends on whether her decision comes immediately or long after the breakup. This article provides a guideline on why you should avoid accepting to be friends with an ex-girlfriend which you also can watch in this video from the ex factor program right here.


It is transition time!

If she comes back asking to be friends immediately after the breakup, there are high chances she could be interested in utilizing your support during the transitional period. She is still grieving the end of the relationship and possibly struggling with her feelings towards you.

Avoid being caught in her drama, or else you are likely to bear the effects of her uncomfortable feelings during the transition period. She will use you because she can do so. Also, your decision to allow her friendship request is a direct indication that you are allowing her to control your life.

She understands you perfectly well from the past relationship you had and can control you with her terms. That’s what she needs during the transition. That’s why she prefers seeking for your friendship instead of finding someone else to console her during the healing period.

Don’t expect that she will easily give up the benefits of the relationship she had with you earlier. You will get the relationship you deserve with her as long as you agree to be used by agreeing to be friends and surely not the proper way to make your ex-girlfriend to fall in love with you once more.


Let her be!

don't be dizzy regarding your ex-girlfriend and friendship

Consider leaving her alone especially if she made the decision to break up with you earlier. Keep your distance and let her experience how life would be without your support. There are plenty of girls out there with similar or better qualities to those of your ex-girlfriend – Check out this article about the major signs to lookout for with women.

Don’t be fooled that she is your only true love. Turn down her friendship request and keep yourself busy without contacting her in any manner. Show her that you have the ability to live without her support and that each day that passes by is shadowed with much fun.

Remember that she left you, and it is your time to concentrate on other people and things instead of her. Nonetheless, never be rude or show how much anger you have towards her. Ignore her politely and try as much as possible to be indifferent.

Even though it is best to avoid your ex-girlfriend’s decision to be friends, it is also important to consider your feelings towards her. Also, the timing of her request could help you determine the appropriate course of action if you want to use the best techniques to get your ex-girlfriend back again.


Immediate request for friendship

You should be more worried if she asks to be your friend immediately after the breakup. Her actions could be stimulated by several factors that could destroy your relationship afterward.

For instance, she could be seeking your friendship for the purpose of financial support. There is a huge possibility that she has realized the financial effect of the breakup on her side and wants to maintain the friendship zone for this purpose.

Secondly, she could be seeking to maintain the friendship zone upon the realization that you are the only person who can understand her. She is feeling the effect of losing your love and strives to utilize the friend zone to replace it.

Lastly, her efforts to develop and maintain a friend zone with you could be a trap as well. She knows that you cannot resist her moves and want to use them to get back with you. If you do not want her to entice you, resist her moves and stop her from being friends with you.


Long after the breakup

consider the timeframe of your brakeup

If she is approaching you after a long breakup period, she probably considers your initial support a critical component of her life. Nonetheless, you might be surprised to learn that she is afraid of moving on to another relationship.

She needs your friendship with the hope that you are going to develop a strong attraction towards her and try to initiate your earlier relationship.

Think of this possibility and decide whether you are ready to take her back. Though possible, avoid thinking towards this direction at all costs.

Don’t give your heart to her once again through friendship until you can trust her not to break it. More importantly, if you give in to her demands of friendship too easily, she will never respect you throughout your friendship.


Why follow these ideas?

The relationship advice outlined in this article is the hardest for most men to follow. Ideally, men think going after friendship with their ex-girlfriend is a good move towards building the relationship that is in shambles.

However, if you know the power your friendship can have on her life then you should be willing to ignore her requests for some time. Just ignore her, her calls and everything else that could encourage communication.

Disappear completely from her life and expose yourself to the potential of finding a new love life that could be fruitful.



Don’t get intimidated if your ex-girlfriend just wants to be friends with you. Ignore her for some time and observe how her attraction for you changes with time. Possibly, it will remain the same or even go upwards since she admires your confidence.

If you behave in this manner towards her, her interest in getting close to you will grow excessively. The story would be more interesting if she broke up with you for another guy who doesn’t match up to her expectations.

Avoid contacting her all the time and protect her attraction for you from fading away. You can control the outcome of her interest regardless of whether you are interested in her or not.

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