Why Loving Women will get You Laid

loving women will make them love you also

Did you know that the fastest way to have sex with beautiful women on a regular basis is by loving them?

In case you are relatively new to the seduction community and you are desperately looking for the fastest way to have sex with amazing women, the following insights are very important for you. Why? Because a lot of guys who start with pick up, respectively with approaching women in order to get laid, start to do this for the wrong reason.

The reason why most guys who are very inexperienced with women dream about getting laid left and right is not because they want to experience unforgettable sexual adventures while satisfying the women they are with, but because they want to take revenge.

Sometimes they want to take revenge because one particular girl broke up with them and now they want to show her that she made the biggest mistake of her life by leaving them and sometimes they want to take revenge on all the girls who ever dared to reject them. In both cases they start out with a feeling of resentment against women.

Do you really think that a self-confident, beautiful and intelligent woman wants to have sex with a guy, or wants to be in a relationship with a guy who has negative feelings against women or who even hates them?

Of course not and the fact that women are extremely good at figuring out your real motives, this attitude will lead to nothing else than lonely nights with internet porn. In case you are serious about getting laid with amazing girls you should replace potential negative feelings that you have towards women with feelings of love. Let’s have a look at the reason why loving women will get you laid.


Why Loving Women will get You Laid


The Woman is Your Mirror

Women are not only incredibly talented in recognizing emotional states of men; they are also very good at adapting to them. They either do this consciously by adjusting to emotional states that are beneficial for them or they do it on a subconscious level by getting infected by his emotional state without even realizing it. Every woman you meet will be your mirror, no matter if she does it consciously or subconsciously.

What I mean by that is that if you show a woman a reflection that regards women as evil creatures who are only playing games, she will see you as a man who is an evil creature and who only wants to play games with her. However, if you regard women as beautiful, interesting and lovable, the next woman you meet will look at you and see a handsome, interesting and lovable man. As soon as you approach a girl she will immediately see where you are coming from. Showing her an impressive reflection will definitely increase your chances of getting laid.


Positive Emotions are Attractive

Let’s imagine you meet a girl and you get the feeling that she is one of those hardcore feminists who hate men and every time you look her in the face you can immediately see that the way she smiles at you is somehow fake. Would you want to date this girl? I really hope for you that the answer is no. The same goes for women.

If a woman has the feeling that you don’t love women and that you encounter her with a lot of negative emotions, she probably won’t be attracted to you. Men who are fun and who not only love their life but also women are way more attractive than guys who have a very negative opinion about women and life in general.

Positive emotions are attractive and by developing a feeling of love for women you replace your negative emotions of resentment against women with positive emotions. This will make you more attractive and will significantly increase your chances of getting laid.


Your Motivation Increases

I don’t know about you but I am not really motivated to talk to people I don’t like and to meet people that I have negative feelings for. In the same way a lot of pick up artists who have negative feelings against women have a motivation problem when it comes to approaching and meeting girls. On the one hand they want to get laid but on the other hand they don’t want to meet women, because they don’t love them and they don’t really want to be around them.

If you are not motivated to meet women you will have a really hard time to get laid. It is totally normal that we as human beings are only motivated to do something when we are sure that it will give us pleasure and being around other human beings that we don’t really want to be around, is anything but a pleasurable experience. By loving women you will naturally increase your motivation to meet them, because you will be looking forward to spend your time with them and the more girls you meet, the more girls you will end up having sex with.


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