What’s the best way to hold a girl’s hand for the first time?

What's the best way to hold a girl's hand for the first timeHolding your crush’s hands is a sure way to tell them that you like them. However, how to get to the point is hard for most of us. There are numerous different thoughts running through your head from do they want me to hold their hands to how do I hold their hands? If you are confident and take the right approach that we have outlined, it shouldn’t be too big of an issue.

The Approach

Before you go up to a girl and hold her hand, you need to ease your way to it. Approach them and strike up a conversation. You already know you like the girl and she probably has dropped some hints that she feels the same way about you. So approach her and talk to her, ask how she is doing and get a conversation started.

Get Closer

If you are standing then you can get closer as the conversation progresses. If you are already sitting and she puts her arms on the table, then you can set yours a few inches away. You need to read how she reacts to your hand being close to hers. If she pulls her hands away after a few seconds it means she doesn’t want to hold hands. If she doesn’t and even inches closer to yours it means she is willing to hold hands.

The Contact

Don’t directly go and grab her hands if you notice her showing interest. Make a little contact first, gently touching her hand with the back of your hand or something. If her hand remains or she looks at you and smiles means she wants you to hold her hands. Make sure you are relaxed and your palms aren’t profusely sweating from all the pressure.

You can then slide your hand under hers or just keep it on top of hers, whichever technique is easier for you depending on her hand placement. Slowly work your way to where you both have each others palms touching and you can lock in your fingers between hers.

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