What to do When Your Ex-Girlfriend Ignores or Avoids You on Purpose

What to do When Your Ex-Girlfriend Ignores or Avoids You on PurposeHave you ever had your ex-girlfriend that you loved and cared for more than anything ignoring you? I may have or may have friends who have been in the same state. It is one of those moments when you feel the world is too unfair.

It is good for you to understand how it sucks. Well, I am going to elaborate how the mind of a female works. Most importantly, I am going to make you understand why your ex-girlfriend may be ignoring or avoiding you on purpose.

Of course, I will let you know what to do if you are in that state of being ignored or avoided. Well, the highlights below that can help regain your ex-girlfriend’s attention and make you understand what’s the best way to contact your ex-girlfriend again are.

what to do when your ex-girlfriend ignores or avoids you on purpose?


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Make her loosen her anger

Anger is pretty well a high emotion, and it could be fueling the reason behind the ignoring or avoidance. You see you just broke up the other time. Relationship experts always argue that going through a break up is at most times worse than even losing a job.

Come to think of losing a job at an hour where you needed the money more than ever. Well, is the pain not devastating? The pain is exactly if not more than that, especially to women.

In most cases, women tend to focus on that specific something you did wrong during the breakup period. And so they remain upset at that.

Also, an insult infuriates women. For instance, that particular thing you said during an argument or may be a fight. For example, you called her fat (she may necessarily not be fat.)

Honestly, she never forgot about it. So all you need is acknowledging what made her furious and apologize in the best way possible and this might be the best way how to get your ex girlfriend back again.


Avoid making yourself look desperate if you ex girlfriend ignores you


Avoid making yourself look desperate

Well, desperation is known to do some amusing things to individuals. For instance, the other day a guy a guy was too desperate to get her back that he stalked her until she was forced to take out a very restraining order.

I mean avoid making you look crazy. Because her attempts of ignoring or avoiding you shall be motivated the best way possible if she views you as crazy.

You may be asking, what are the signs of this crazy or desperate ex-boyfriend? I know you are happy to get the answers. I am equally glad you asked this. Have a look at these:

  • He turns out to be a calling or texting terrorist.
  • He does stalk things.
  • He gets emotional to a point where he can be seen as unstable.

All you just need to do is avoiding the above at all measures.

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Understand the motive of her ignoring or avoiding you

The most disheartening feeling I have ever come to know is the feeling that strikes when the one you care for so much ignore you on purpose. Now get this point clear, please.

I always say men crave for admiration, but the plain truth is that all human beings love to be admired. But the last time I checked women are also people.

I mean, pose a question of this kind to any woman; do you love a man who makes you feel admired and loved? Yes or no? Her answer shall be yes.

So basically, your ex-girlfriend is ignoring you because she knows it will elicit a response from you. She clearly understands that no one likes to be ignored.

So you now realize you go wrong when you get upset or go crazy? Good. The point is she is hoping that ignoring shall draw out that love and admiration that she just wants so desperately.

Besides, she may be ignoring or avoiding you, of course on purpose. You see sometimes women may do that so as just to teach a lesson. Therefore, she will be having an expectation that you will learn.

As I said earlier, you will be privileged to understand the mentality of women deeply. For instance, she will think this to herself: “He will show me more than enough attention when I ignore him. I will be drowning in love and admiration from that point forward.”

So should you overcome her expectation and do the exact opposite of what she is expecting, she will rethink things and come to the realization of the mistake made.


giv your ex girlfriend time if you she avoiding you, because she could be sad or else



Give her more time

A break-up can result in a painful cycle where you will be chasing after your ex-girlfriend with the intention of shaking off the painful experience.

By trying to reach out to her at any opportunity you get, you might not be giving her time to process the break even if your ex-girlfriend just wants to be friends.

Have you been suffocating her? Be human enough to ask yourself this question. Are you constantly texting her so as to feel the sense of belonging?

I know you are entitled to an answer from her, but if she is not ready to have any conversation, you will feel like your love life is not fair. I know to be ignored hurts but look at it from her perspective.

It is more important to ease up on the conversation. It is hard, but it is of great necessity to let your first instinct go. Meanwhile, let you communication channels be open.

Do not be the one initiating a talk every time. After some time, when she will be ready, she will probably contact you for a talk.


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Accept and face the fact that she may have moved on

Breaking up means the decision is final for some people. They may never think of getting back. If she falls in this category, then there is nothing much you can do concerning it. They have closed that chapter in their life.

Therefore, the best thing to being done is to respect her decision to move on. Make an effort of letting go of any grudges. If you do not, you will end up suffering only. So face head-on men.


Hit the bottom line

For the sake of truth, it is impossible to make someone stop avoiding or ignoring you. You can never control people to your liking. I mean you can only control your response or reactions to different situations.

Therefore, no matter a situation you find yourself in, be ready to focus on yourself. Believe me; you will be free from constant thinking about others.

A break-up is a heartbreaking and an equally painful experience. Worse comes to worst when she ignores or avoids you. Therefore having read the above, it is my hope that you may find the best things to do.

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