What Would You Wear on a Night Out to a Casino?

know what would you wear on a night out to a casino

Today many young men prefer to eschew looking smartly turned out, which is a shame. When you read the dress code of your local casino and see that it says smart casual are you one of those who always concentrated on the casual and ignores the smart?

If you do then admittedly you will be considered to be one of the crowd, but really it is a shame as you are missing out on a few tricks. Just for once why not concentrate on the smart and see what happens?

You might be very pleased with the effect and could use it for your way how to be handsome.


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Just because the casino says that its dress code is smart casual it doesn’t mean that you should try to get away with looking a casual as possible, in other words just ensuring that that the doorman doesn’t turn you away. Of course if you turn up wearing torn jeans and trainers then you certainly would be turned away from any reasonable casino, any casino that allows their clients to get away being that casual should be viewed with suspicion.

Most casinos don’t permit t-shirts with slogans either and hooded jackets are definitely outlawed even in the poker rooms, don’t believe what you see on TV.

So what should you wear?

A smart suit, a good shirt and a matching tie and a smart pair of polished shoes won’t only guarantee that you get through the door, it should also improve your overall casino experience.

You will generally receive more respect from the casino staff, you are more likely to be offered free drinks, and you are more likely to attract friendly attention. This will make you feel better and you will probably play casino games better, the chances are that you will win more often too.


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