What Women Want In a Man And 7 Red Flags They Look For

It is never easy to tell what women want. However, as a man looking for a girl, you can be prepared beforehand knowing exactly what women do not want. We have a list of 10 red flags that women generally look out for in men which tell them that he is not the one.

What Women Want In a Man And 7 Red Flags They Look For

He puts in little effort

Women are more forward now, the days when only men asked women out are no more. However, that doesn’t mean that she wants to do all the work. One thing women look for is the effort the guy puts in the relationship. If she is the one always approaching you and making plans, chances are she won’t do that for long and move on. So you need to put in an effort from your end also otherwise don’t expect the relationship to last.

Ignoring boundaries

It is important when you first meet a woman that you respect her boundaries. You can’t get too personal or invade per personal space when you meet. It is important that you give it a little time, build up a conversation and talk to her. This will also help you gauge where the boundary lies and approach it accordingly.

Talking about your ex

Talking about your exes in the first couple of meeting is not an ideal conversation to have with a woman you like. You need to build the relationship in order to do that. Also, never mention that your exes are or at any point were crazy, it will certainly drive her away because she won’t be able to trust you to feel differently about her, eventually.

Making future plans

We all know how much woman love to talk about future plans. But there is a time when those types of talks can occur. You can’t just meet a girl and expect a future with her, you can think that in your mind but don’t tell her. Chances are you will drive her away because you seem needy.

Don’t psychoanalyze them

Don’t try to act smart and try to think you know the girl when you really don’t. It makes you come off like a jerk. Men generally think they know women well, even if they don’t. So starting a conversation off with a, “You are one of those girls who…” isn’t the best way to make a girl fall for you.

Rude to waiters

You will rarely find a girl that will stick through a date after she finds the guy being rude to the waiter.

Being aggressive or controlling

It is important that you control your testosterone when with a girl. Yes, it can be hard at times but don’t be to aggressive towards her or anyone as it can seriously put her off towards you. Never try controlling her actions either, she will definitely leave if you do.

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