What to Text a Girl after You Got Her Number

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Men go out; they meet women and quite often in clubs. Having fun with friends is always given no matter their prior moods. Pulling all the possible traits to make you adorable by flirting, being funny and entertaining is usually a must. As a result, many people end up exchanging number while socializing in such places.

The big question is how to change the zeros and ones (I hope you know all numbers are scientifically just zeros and ones) into actual undertakings. Keep reading on to find out what to text a girl.

There are numerous ways of texting a girl you just met. There are also a few things you have to bring to the down low during the conversation to ensure you score highly for prospective meeting opportunities in future. Below is what to SMS a girl and how by using text flirt will make her want you.


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The Text Message That Will Make Her Want to be With You

Based on the fact the meeting was something to go by and you were not pretending or forcing yourself for the sake of that time. There are people who just meet and interact and feel obliged to exchange a conversation and even numbers.

This mostly happens in boot camps and PUAs. When the conversation begins they don’t know how to let them clash since they think it is mandatory to have that kind of interaction. However, if you start one and feel it is going to the dogs, do not insist.

Desist from such and move on as the sighs you get from her are important, never ignore the smell of a rat. She might be cursing herself for ever talking to you and will just give you her number to be nice, that’s all. She could even save the number with a name “Terrible mistake”. So do not do it if you do not like the feeling of it.

If you however feel the interaction was worthwhile, go on, text this girl that you just met especially if you like her.



Ensure That You Exchange the Numbers

Once the interaction goes well, ensure you exchange numbers. This is for saving face when you text her later. You actually don’t want to text her and she goes ”Who is this?”

After you get her number the beginning of your communication begins. This is what I call, the press play section. Getting the number ensures that you meet her. A number only is not enough; making a worthwhile interaction is what you should be targeting for.

Once the interaction is going smoothly, ask for the number to make it a guarantee you will be conversing with her. There should be no pressure in exchanging the numbers however. The whole process should be natural and don’t make it look so obvious you are overwhelmed by getting it. Just move onto the next step.


Apply the Call Back Humor Text Skills

Call back humor is texting a girl you just met about what both of you talked about. It is always about something familiar with you two based on your earlier meeting. For example if you talked about your favorite destinations, Spain being one of them, text her about Spain.

This will allow her to feel connected to you very easily and she is very much likely to respond back. She will and actually must because she knows what you are talking about and can relate to it.

Many coupling companies recommend this kind of texting to the girl you just met. As compared to other conventional texting methods, this is more likely to yield mesmerizing results. Therefore, pick up your phone and text her. You’ll be amazed at her response and how this works wonders.



Sending Funny Pictures

In this technological age, it is amazing how phones can make up ridiculous photos. Unlike in the sixties, it was easy to pass a funny photo to make someone smile. You can, on a click or touch of a button download these kinds of photos and send them to put a smile on her face.

Text her different kinds of photos and you will be cracking jokes. Funny pictures are imagery versions of jokes that we cannot verbalize. Ensure the photos are funny to make her laugh, and it can be used for most ways to start a conversation actually.


Send a Text with Stupid Jokes

Many might not agree on this one but it really works. Get into the joke structure by grabbing the attention, enriching the audience when delivering the message. Search for jokes, load crazy funny pictures and you’ll be practicing texting a girl you just met.

At times, these things will work perfectly and those that won’t but they are worth trying. So, get on the experiment, start gauging and practice for you to know what flirt text, cute text messages and other things to text girls is for you and what is not.

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