What to Say When Approaching A Girl

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What to say when approaching a girl is something every guy has asked himself in his lifetime, and I mean a lot. Guys are constantly approaching girls without knowing what to say and end up making a fool of themselves, and then they see their friends approaching women and doing it with ease, what is the secret? I wish there was a concrete answer that could be given, but unfortunately there isn’t. In this article we will be listing first some things to avoid when talking to a girl, and then we will get into a list of this you should say, good luck!

First we are going to cover a few things you should absolutely not talk about when approaching a girl that you are interested in.

  • You remind me of my mom. Please do not bring up your mom went approaching a girl, the last thing a girl wants to hear is you talk about how they look like your mom, its kind of weird and creepy and is almost certainly going to lead to an awkward silence, you might not be able to come back from that.
  • Are you on your period? Stay away from talking about their period. That’s all I’m going to say about this, just stay away from it.
  • You have a really pretty face. When you say this you will most likely be very sincere, but in all honesty the girl is probably going to be thinking about how you only mentioned their face and nothing about their body or personality. I know you have the best intentions with this compliment but try to steer clear of this.
  • Is that your real hair? Lots of girls these days have hair extensions that look very real. This can be a soft spot for some women and if they want to let you know they have extensions they will tell you in time, don’t put them on the spot by asking, you might hit a sore spot.
  • How much do you weigh? This should be pretty obvious by now, never ask a girl how much she weighs. If you do this you might as well never approach her in the first place because I can guarantee those will be some of the last words you will be able to say before she is walking away in the other direction

Okay now that we got some of the things not to say out of the way, lets concentrate on some of the things you should say when approaching a girl.

  • Confidence. Confidence is key and it starts as soon as you find the girl you want to start talking to, even something as simple as your walk towards them must be confident, Don’t stand around without saying anything. You must engage right away. Be confident in what you are saying, speak clearly so she understand you. There is nothing worse then talking to someone who constantly has to ask you to repeat what you said because they cant hear or understand you.
  • Try to make her laugh. This is very important; if you can find a way to make a girl laugh you will be headed in the right direction. Girls love a guy who knows how to get them to smile and laugh, they will remember this and think about you long after you’ve talked to them.
  • Keep engaged.  Keeping engaged is probably one of the hardest things to do, constantly being able to keep the conversation flowing is hard, but the last thing you want is awkward silences, this will lead them to looking else where for conversation. Try to avoid talking about yourself too much, some stuff is okay but you don’t want the conversation to be all about you.
  • Show her you are interested.  By walking up and talking to her you are obviously interested, but girls have guys talking to them all the time so sometimes its hard for them to recognize if they are being hit on or not. Ask about what she does for a living and why she chose to do that, sneak in a line about how her laugh is cute, stuff like that will make her realize that you aren’t there just for conversation but to show her that she is special.
  • Finish off strong.  Finish talking to her on a high note, you don’t want the conversation to stop before you leave, she will believe everything between the two of you have been explored. If you leave when she is still very engaged you can use a line like you have to leave now but you really enjoyed getting to know her and that you would like to continue at another time and then ask for her number. At this point she is either interested and will give it to you are she doesn’t feel the connection and she won’t. Either way you did a great job and have nothing to be ashamed about, plenty of other girls to talk to.

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