What to do if Your Ex-Girlfriend Won’t Talk to You

what to do if your ex-girlfriend won't talk to you

Breakups represent one of the most painful experiences that one has to undergo as a consequence of falling in love. A good example of the consequence of breakups is evident when guys spend a lot of time thinking about what to do to an Ex-Girlfriend who won’t talk.

It is devastating when your girlfriend doesn’t want to hear from you after a breakup. The general misconception is that your ex-girlfriend is ignoring you to get over the relationship.

It is common to see men like you disturbed on why she left and why she does not want to keep the communication lively.

This article provides you with reliable tips on what to do if your ex-girlfriend won’t talk to you and look for possible signs your ex wants you back. These tips have been tested and proven to work effectively.

Before figuring out what to do with the ex-girlfriend who won’t talk to you, it is important to figure out the main reasons why she could be ignoring your text. Come on, she could be angry at you or rather considering you to be some crazy ex-boyfriend who keeps stalking her on every move she makes.

At times, she is ignoring you to attract more attention from you. So to know what to do if your ex-girlfriend won’t talk to you, find out the possible reasons and move on to find the perfect solution for her actions, which you can find all about in this video from in the ex factor guide program.


If she won’t talk you? Ignore her

If she won't talk you? Ignore her

Don’t freak out when she is ignoring you on purpose. Instead, turn the tables and flip the same script on her. I have experienced such a feeling before and know how disheartening it could be. If you don’t take care, you are likely to become desperate and bombard your ex-girlfriend with calls and texts that would get her even more annoyed with you.

Women are just like the other human beings and love to be admired by men. Believe it or not, she might not be talking to you but she certainly feels admired through your actions to get her talking. She knows that ignoring you will elicit a reaction from you.

She also understands that you don’t like being ignored and that her actions will get you upset or even more crazy. Probably, she hopes that her actions will encourage you to draw out the attention and admiration she wants to see come from you.

Your ex-girlfriend expects that you are going to behave like every other man out there. To overcome the situation, it would be wise if you did the complete opposite of what she expects you to do by following the psychological ways to get your ex back. If you do the opposite, you will leave her rethinking of her decision and wondering what mistake she just made.


Follow the no contact rule

use the no follow sign to win your ex back

The no contact rule requires you to do to your girlfriend what she is doing to you now. In simple terms, she is ignoring you, your texts, and your calls. So, simply do the same to you for a specific period.

For general situations that lead to a break-up, it is recommended that you avoid contact with her for a minimum of 21 days. However, be careful not to worsen the situation.


Demonstrate your patience

demostrate patience to get your ex-girlfriend back again

The best thing to do with your ex-girlfriend is to demonstrate that you are willing to wait for her until she can talk to you. In short, you will have to learn how to be patient. Patience involves a set of skills, and you have to learn how to acquire and maintain it.

The easiest way to build your patience is to spend more time with other people instead of moving around her all the time. Spend time with friends who are already patient but avoid involving them in your relationship. Their advice could be wrong and eventually land you in trouble.


Balance the push and pull activities

Balance the push and pull activities

By push and pull, I literary mean the activities you engage in should depict some level of agreement and resistance in equal measure. Do things in a manner that makes her feel like you are no longer disinterested in making her happy.

Nonetheless, make sure you balance the scale between the push and pull activities to raise your chances of getting her in the right mood to talk to you. Don’t call her, and in case she calls or texts you, consider ignoring her.


Rebuild and prepare yourself for her to talk

Rebuild and prepare yourself for her to talk

After ignoring her, she probably sees you as someone she cannot talk to. You need to change her perception and make her see you as someone she can count on. Make enough time when with her to create an ideal opportunity for her to open up to you in case she is interested.

At this stage, she is probably looking for someone she can talk to. That person should be you. While rebuilding yourself, consider improving your life in the physical, emotional, and personality aspects.

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Why follow these tips?

understand why and what to get her back again

The above tips will be useful in helping you get your ex-girlfriend talk back to you. The tips will guide you in determining why she is disappointed with you. Through such awareness, you will develop an individualized plan to help you win her love and get your ex girlfriend back again.

Avoid nagging her with text messages and calls that she won’t respond to in the end. Learn to give her time using the above tips and see how interested she becomes in hearing from you.



Even though your ex-girlfriend won’t talk to you, know that she probably still loves you from the inside. Possibly, she is pushing you away and ignoring your efforts to avoid working out things quickly. She doesn’t want to feel silly that she broke up with you.

It probably sound harsh but is the reality of the situation. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you cannot work out things with her. As you struggle to get her attention back, respond to her resistance and give her the time she needs.

Play the game wisely or else she will move further away from you, and you will never be able to get her back on your side.

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