What Attracts Women? Don’t use These 3 Things in Conversation

know what attracts women

It is easy to meet women because they are everywhere but at the same time it can be tough to figure out what attracts women. So whenever you finally attract women you don’t want to mess it up the second you open up your mouth. Conversations with a woman can be like climbing a mountain in France; long, sweaty and draining all your energy.

Getting to the top of the mountain can seem forever especially if you don’t know what to say in a conversation. Most of the times men consider the best attraction tips to be they just should to come off as they seem interested in the woman. Some think they look like a mature man if they’re looking for something more lasting relationship.

It all seems simple when we talk with the guys. However, when you are with the woman trying to unleash what you learned on what attracts girls it can be very darn tough. You need to know the things you can talk about with girls, but almost more important is to know what not to say.

Women can seem so complicated and complex to a man, because they say one thing and mean another. They want one thing but really they want a totally other thing. From a man’s perspective it’s totally crazy, because we are used to use the logical side of the brain and women don’t do. Maybe that’s the reason why we love them.

Most women want many things from a man that doesn’t make any sense. That is why avoiding making mistakes is almost impossible when trying to find things that attract women. The mistakes we make are really not that bad from a man’s points of view. The problem is women tend to see it a bit differently.

There are a few mistakes you can do which could prevent you from attracting girls. My advice is whenever you are talking to women, don’t ever bring up these things because they will not come back.

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What attract women like these two

Don’t use Mom in Conversation 

One of the best tips on dating a woman is you should never mention your mom in conversation. If you bring up her mom you could slip into a trap of comparing her to her mother and sometimes those relationships can be rather intense and you can dig a grave for yourself.

Talking about your own mom doesn’t make you sensitive and lovely, it can make you seem like a mamma’s boy, even if your intention is just being honest because you love your family. You are on a date with a woman and you are dating her because you want to sleep with her. So skip the mother son relationship…

She doesn’t want to compete with your mother.


Never Mention Marriage or Kids

I’m a romantic and believe in finding the one and only, but on first dates no way I want to listen to marriage, kids or anything like this and I’m a man. The same goes for most women because the two of you are on a date and don’t know each other. Its likely most women want kids and marriage but they have to know you before even thinking about it. Save all of those dreams and hopes for later on if you hook up in relationship.


Don’t Tell You Never Been in Relationship

If you never been in a relationship, don’t say it out loud. Women tend to judge you on relationship material. If you have never been in one, then are you either a total wimp that doesn’t know how to attract a woman or you is a player that jumps from bed to bed.

In the latter case you can get sex but it won’t last forever. Better to avoid this conversation to later on when she knows you better. If you want to know the best way to attract and seduce women, sign up below and receive 2 great free books packed with all the knowledge you need to know about getting women. You can take action and turn dreams into reality or you can continue like you do now?

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