5 Funny Ways to Ask a Girl Out

use the Funny Ways to Ask a Girl Out

If you’re looking to ask a girl out on a date, but you want to do it in a funny way, you have come to the right place. There are many ways to ask a girl out. This article only lists five funny ways to ask a girl out for you but you can find a lot more dating tips here though.


Take Her to Her Favorite Event

If she likes a certain event, you should take her to the event. Some possible romantic dates could be at the movies, a sports event, a concert, a general fair. If they have a way to make an announcement to the crowd, you could have it announced over the loudspeaker “Will you go out with me, (girl’s name)?” How can she say no when the entire audience is watching her decision?

Yeah a bit farfetched, but you get the idea of being creative.

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Leave a Present for Her on the Doorstep

You could send her chocolates and flowers, but you should be with her when you decide to ask her out. If you send her something in the mail, she will see you as a romantic guy. The more creative you are, the more likely it is that she will accept your invitation.

If you know she likes something specific, it would be a romantic way to ask her out.



you could send a letter to ask a girl out

Write a Letter to Her

The more personal you make the letter the more likely it is that she will see the letter came from your heart. If you aren’t good with talking about your emotions, you should write your emotions down on paper. The letter should have generic terms because it will sound impersonal.

You should make sure the letter comes from your heart because that is the best way to show the woman you truly care about her. The letter could be attached to a teddy bear or some other romantic object because most girls actually like these things.


Send Her on a Scavenger Hunt

You could send her on a scavenger hunt, one clue would lead to the next clue. At the end of the hunt, you would be at the final location. When you go to the final location, you may want to be holding flowers or something that you know she likes.

You should only do a hunt if you think she will like it though. Some women do not like to be surprised with a hunt, and some women may find the hunt to be too much work.

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Put Together Her Favorite Music

It could be in the form of a CD or it could be on your iPod. You could play the music for her, so she sees that you know her taste in the music. The more you know about her, the more likely it is she will agree to go out with you.

At the end of the CD or music selection, you should record your voice asking her out. If she sees you tolerate her music selection, she is more likely to agree to go out with you.

These are five funny ways to ask a girl out. I agree these are only a very few of the many ways you could ask her out. Leave a comment with your ideas because surely you have a few.

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