Ultimate Guide on What to Talk About With Girls

If you are among the few people who always seem to have no problem starting any conversation with whoever is next to you then you will probably laugh at this guide. But the issue here is not that Men find it hard to have conversations with girls, it is the kind of conversation to have with girls that seem a bit hard for most men. Girls are too simple hence they will often talk about simple topics which carry feelings and emotions and there is when the problem starts.

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Most men find it difficult to explain their feelings or emotions not that they cannot share but how to express this issues just naturally appears hard. A man can explain something technical very easily than his own feelings, so in order, for a man to have a conversation on these topics that carry emotions and feeling it will take a bit of effort. There is nothing that cannot be fixed in this article I will give a guide on some of the best general topics that both men and girls can relate to.

Best Topics to About with Girls

  • What are some of the favorite things she likes to do while alone?

You can ask this question just before the silence creeps in. This question seems simpler and does not portray you as a detective. Before she replies be the first to answer on what you mostly do while you are alone, as this will neutralize any doubt in her mind as to why you asked such a question and ease the tension.

This question is the master key to all sorts of conversation you can have with a girl. Probably you wondering how? Let me break it to you piece by piece. When she will answer this question you will be able to know her hobby, passion, interest in life, dislikes, her cravings and even her fantasies and dreams. Welcome home, now it starts to make sense, right? The answer is a big yes! From one simple silly question, you have got countless topics to talk about.

  • Craziest stuff she has ever done

First, remember you not just asking for the sake of asking but you asking so as to gauge the direction of the kind of conversation you will be having for the next two hours or so. From her answer, you will be able to know if she is the kind of girl who loves parties, hangs around her friends a lot or conserved and cautious.

After these two first topics now you can loosen things a bit since you have the background and know what to touch and what to avoid completely.

  • Travel Adventures

Most girls love adventures and they will literally talk for hours about their adventure and the crazy stuff that happened or how it was the most boring place she ever visited. Remember you have just told her one thing above there about yourself and all these time she is the one doing the talking, are you getting what I am driving at? The point here is that girls love to be listened too and all that time you are listening she takes you for a gentleman another bonus point for you right there.

  • What is your passion?

I know the word passion is now used in every second sentence, but it is still one of the best things you can talk about. It’s ridiculous when a girl says her biggest passion is to eat ice cream, but when a woman tells her that her biggest passion is to see that no one in the world is hungry, “she has no idea of ​​her passion in life. At this point you take control of the conversation, try to telling her your passion, something like your greatest passion is to go home after a hard day of work and take all your clothes off and walk naked as if you own the world. This will remind her of her inner dreams what she has forgotten and it will not be long before she starts to say all the nonsense that is her passion.

  • What are your dreams?

Everyone has a dream. Everyone on this battered planet wants to do at least one special thing before throwing the bucket. A dream is not the same as your passion. Your passion is something you want to do regularly, but your dream is a particular moment in your life that you want to celebrate and makes you fall in love with the world when you think about it or do it. Ask her dreams and once, she shares them with you, make sure she also knows her.

  • Talk About Movies

Well hoping the girl you talk to is not that kind of girl who only watches soap-operas cause then it might turn out to be boring for you. In my personal experience girls who love horror movies tend to be fun not that they are weird but they just tend to be open about their fears and all that stuff.

  • Try talking about Music too

Here you can’t go wrong everyone has their favorite song. Hence you sure to have a lengthy conversation about songs you like the ones that really move you, the song that you love to play while on road trip or when having sex. Each of you can take turns singing your favorite lines in the song that both of you seem love.

  • Seduction trick

You can talk about this topic especially if you have interest in her and you want things to get heated a bit or so that while she shows you her trick you pull you are and surprise her.

  • Her best and annoying friend

Girls love to share their moments with someone who listens to them so you are sure that she will characterize every friend of hers make fun of them and all that.


This guide may seem all planned but after you read it and go on a date with a girl these ideas will just flow you won’t even remember that you read them from my article.

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