Top 4 Virtual Girlfriend Apps

Top 4 Virtual Girlfriend AppsIt can be quite disconcerting to see all of the people around you find someone who loves them for who they are when you, unfortunately, remain painfully single. No matter how patient you are in life, constantly waiting around for your true love to fall from the sky isn’t doing you any good. In fact, a lack of affection or loneliness has several surprising health and psychological effects. So what can we do about it? One solution is paying a monthly subscription fee to receive periodic texts for an invisible girlfriend, but there’s hardly any personal interaction. So what’s the next best thing?

Well, lucky for us, technology has our backs. The solution? Virtual Girlfriend apps for your Smartphone. Of course, these apps can’t solve any skin hunger problems, but at least you’ll feel like you’re receiving some sort of affection, albeit from a nonexistent digital female that’s programmed to respond in affectionate ways.

There are numerous apps out there that help with reducing the effects of loneliness, but the main problem is finding the perfect app. To help with your search, we’ve compiled a list of the top 4 virtual girlfriend apps that you can download onto your Smartphone. One thing to keep in mind: these apps are in no way anywhere near a perfect replacement for having a real-life girlfriend, so unless you like 3D models or prerecorded videos of models shaking their butts on your screen, these apps may not be the right solution for you.

Virtual Girl Simulator: Pocket Girl

Unlike a large portion of virtual girlfriend apps, this one doesn’t have 3D models acting out a number of sensual poses. Virtual Girl Simulator: Pocket Girl uses a real-life model to act out the poses instead. This might seem a little creepy, especially to people who aren’t familiar with the purpose of virtual girlfriend apps, but in truth, it’s not at all.

After installing the app, you’re practically done. An attractive model will appear on your screen and wait for you to give her commands to follow. The chosen command will have the model acting out whichever action you chose. For instance, you can tap on “dance” and she’ll flail her arms wildly above her head, similar to what a drunk would do at a nightclub. In addition, the reduce the creepy factor, there’s no nudity, though the model is wearing a stereotypical school-girl outfit including tie and above-knee skirt.

Remember how we said that these apps can’t replace the actual feelings of having a girlfriend? Well, this app proves that point. You can’t make conversation with the model, she doesn’t say anything at all, and she follows your every command without question. For the loner in you, it’s an entertaining app to have on your Smartphone, but that’s all it is.

My Virtual Girlfriend Manga Anime 3D

My Virtual Manga Girl Anime 3D

For those of you who are into anime girls, this could be the perfect app for you. introducing My Virtual Girlfriend Manga Anime 3D. As the name suggests, you can set up a virtual girlfriend with anime features (huge round eyes, as well as huge round other things). The customizable parts of your digital girlfriend include her clothes, facial features, and hair.

That’s pretty much the extent of having a virtual girlfriend in this app. The main selling point of this anime-based girlfriend app is playing a series of games “alongside her.” In reality, you’re either controlling the female character through mazes and dungeons while fighting off zombie skeletons, or she’s watching you somewhat creepily as you feed her. If you’re looking for something a little bit more erotic, there’s a dance game where the object is to collect as many points as possible. That’s it…

Honestly speaking, this game has a lot of unfulfilled potential. For instance, the customizability of the character is extremely limited – e.g. her clothes come in sets and not tops, bottoms, boots, etc. As for the fighting game, the fighting mechanics could have been programmed a little better, even though that’s not exactly the main purpose of this game.

For diehard anime fans, this virtual girlfriend app with chat features (with others in the game, not with your virtual girlfriend) could be a great starting point, but there’re just too many missing features and control problems to tolerate in the long run.

Virtual Girlfriend: Jenny Lite

Virtual Girlfriend Jenny Lite

Once again, we leave the 3D models and go back to a real-life one. Jenny Nelson, the female character of which the game is centered, acts out a bunch of sexual poses and flirty expressions to help you get in the mood.

In the free version, you can enjoy four HD videos of Jenny on your Smartphone. There’s no limit to how many times you can watch each video so enjoy them all you want. At one point, you’re going to want to upgrade from the Lite version with four prerecorded videos to the Full version with 20. Each of the videos features Jenny donning scantily clad clothing, showing off different parts of her party to the camera and to her viewers. However, like other virtual girlfriend apps, there’s no nudity (there are plenty of sites where you can get your fill of pornography).

Jenny doesn’t speak or moan in the videos, and this was done intentionally to create an illusion of discretion. However, the videos have background music to help set the tone as she poses provocatively for you.

Dream Girlfriend

Dream GirlfriendThe final item on our list is another anime-based virtual girlfriend app. Of all the apps on our list, this is perhaps the most interactive game with the largest community involvement. For several users, this app doubles as a virtual girlfriend and a mini-social community where you can interact with other live players.

The game is pretty straightforward – make an account, customize your virtual girlfriend, play games, earn points, buy accessories (clothing, earrings, etc.), and have fun while doing it. The best thing about this game is that it is constantly updated by its developers, meaning that the game periodically receives new clothing and accessory options for you to purchase, either with in-game currency or real-life money. You can also trade items with other users, so that’s pretty neat. There are also unlockable outfits and emotions.

Perhaps one of the weirdest things that anyone can say about this game is that when you ask your virtual girlfriend for a kiss (in the game), she’ll ask you what kind of facial expression to make while doing it. Of course, this is completely unrealistic, but it adds to the fantasy that many males have.

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