4 Tips on How to Flirt with a Girl

even sweet girls love when you flirt

We all know bad pick-up lines because we have all heard them.  These tips on how to flirt with a girl is not about lame attempts to approach girls. Of course sometimes a few attempts are performed in the right form, but sad to say this doesn’t happen very often.

When it comes to the proper seduction, most guys with lame attempts don’t have a clue to get her to feel the attraction when they do it. Most men only touch the surface when they use their techniques on how to flirt with a girl. Often men think when they are into a conversation with a girl they are almost home free with her.

Too bad for men, real seduction is a lot more complex where you demonstrate sexuality and attraction. These show you off as an attractive man to make the girl interested and basically you establish rapport. When two people have established rapport together they have established the attraction or interest in each other because they click.

If you don’t know how to flirt with a girl through rapport read this article. The following flirting tips which you could call guidelines to flirting with a girl will work for you.

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How to Start Flirting with a Girl by Understand Flirting

Complementing the girl is just not going to cut it because there is more to flirting than this. How to build sexual tension so a girl feels it, it means she is attracted to you but she doesn’t know if you have the same feeling. This makes you even more attractive to her and she could start showing signs that she likes you.

The second you see her start flirting with you, tease, play and joke with her. You build an indirect rapport that makes her crave you even more.


Be Cocky as a Help on Flirting with Girls

Being cocky without being a jerk is difficult but if you mix it with humor, it’s remarkable how successful it can be. You have to be cocky when texting but not overly so. Just remember to stay away from being arrogant, because that can kill any sexual tension.


tips on how to flirt with a girl

Talk and Flirt with a Girl Using Sexual Conversation

No matter how is at flirting, most can agree you need to show yourself in a sexual way. You want the girl to look at you as a possible lover. To make this happen you need to blend sex into the conversations. The point is to show you as a sexual man not a pig so remember to do in an indirect manner.

If you show you know how you tease a woman and show romance, you can get a girl interested in you.

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Touching Tips to Flirt with a Female

You need to touch a girl if you want to bring things a bit further from conversation. Touching is a must but only in an appropriate way!

What you do is make sure you don’t come off as a pervert or a freak that is getting dead nervous about touching. How should I flirt with a girl by touching her then you might ask? Make it appropriate to touch during dinner, walking or conversation.

If you walk with the girl you can gently touch her shoulder to show her something. During dinner lightly stroke her hand or if you head for the toilet, stroke her shoulder while you pass by and say you will be back shortly. Use subtle moves and let it be natural.

If you want to learn flirting, you need to lose the bad pickup and learn how to communicate with women verbal and non-verbal.  Build sexual tension from the start of an encounter with a woman, everything will be so much easier when taking the final steps.

Can you see yourself walk up to a sexy woman in the supermarket and start flirting with her? You know you want to do. However you also know you are afraid of a lot of things, but they are bullshit.

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