5 Useful Tips How to Become Handsome

Here you get 5 useful tips how to become handsome which you can use if you want transform your appearance to make life easier for yourself in all aspect of life, for instance to get more attention from women.

Have you ever seen a man strolling down the street like he owns the world and everybody seems to give him space and respect, and the women look at him with that special spark in their eyes that signals they find him attractive? Wondered if it is because he is well dressed and seems like a guy with a heck of confidence?

This is because those guys know how to be handsome and what benefits they get from being handsome, maybe they were just like you and decided to take action and do the things The Handsome Factor program describes and helps with.

No matter what your reason for learning to become beautiful is, maybe to get that particular girl you’re into, get women in general or you want to transform yourself to get success, you should at least follow these 5 useful tips to become attractive, improve your appearance and confidence.


How do you Become Handsome with Body Care

The most significant steps, to becoming handsome, is changing your body. If you have an overweight or don’t seem to have any muscles at all, you should start taking interest in sculpting your body.

Changing your body is easy, and at the same time the hardest thing to do because a good physique doesn’t just happen – it takes hard work doing workouts, eating the right nutrition and most of all you need motivation for doing it.

Follow these steps on your way how to start the handsome transformation and you will not only begin to losing weight the right and fastest way, but you will also, if you stick to it, know how to maintain your weight loss

  • how to become handsomeRemember to drink water and plenty of it. Water is essential to losing weight, so skip soda & juice and drink at least 4-8 glasses of water each day
  • Always eat 5-6 meals each day. Don’t stick to eating the three meals at day because eating 5-6 times a day and not overdoing your meals will get your metabolism to burn the fat very fast and consistent.
  • Eat the right amount of healthy fat, carbs & protein each day
  • Remember to eat for hunger, not for pleasure
  • Workouts with high-intensity
  • If you want to lose weight and sculpt your body the fastest way, then weight training and free weights are you primary exercise tools.
  • Follow a proven program like Truth about Abs or another well known healthy program that works.

These steps will with guarantee make you lose weight and sculpt your body.

Another thing you should pay attention to if you want to become good looking is your skin care.


Learn to Become Handsome – Pay Attention to Your Skincare

A real man doesn’t use time on skincare even if he cannot become handsome? Well, maybe the rednecks don’t but can you honestly say that dry skin or having acne doesn’t bother you?

It sure bothers me and I don’t use a lot of special creams, but when I get dry skin I do use something to fix the problem and it doesn’t make me a less of a man (I’m a tall guy so not many who dares to say it out loud, but I don’t really care even if they did).

You should take care of your face because you can hide your entire body behind clothes, but your face is wide open to everybody and if you have got anything you’re embarrassed about, then get it fixed with the tools like moisturizers or other creams.


How to Become Good Looking with Hygiene

Many guys often neglect personal hygiene, maybe because as boys we are just lazy, or we simply find these things a bit feminine and not something a real man should do… after all, we don’t want to become beautiful but handsome as a man.

I’m not saying these things imply to you, but look around and maybe even ask some of your male friends if they cut their nails (hands & toes), brush their teeth’s or take care of their bad breath, change their underwear or even adopt a daily shower?




Have you ever kissed somebody with bad breath? It sucks. Or been around people who never shower and smell awful? If you have bad hygiene it tells something about you:

  • You are damn lazy
  • Have no idea about paying attention to details
  • You are probably a guy who can’t organized and care for anything (still a teenager)
  • You must be very unhealthy

You should start improving your hygiene because things will become a lot easier for you in all aspects of your life, and every grooming tips you can find will be useful.


How to find Your Personal Style

You need to get rid of the sneakers with holes, and get rid of the old football jersey from 1991 that you never wash.

If you want to know all the ways to become handsome and change your life, you need a personal style that implies you have style.

I’m not saying you should spend a million dollars on new clothes, hairstyle, and shoes but at least start buying something classic that shows you are a man and not a boy. Find something that you find comfortable but at the same time shows you’re a man that needs to be taken seriously and knows how to become hot by dressing like a proper man.


Best Way to Become Handsome – Be Confident

he-knows-how-to-be-coolConfidence with women? It is the most important trait women like in a man. Confidence is also what you get respect for from other men by.

You need to build your confidence to become handsome, so it is not an act, but becomes something natural in you. How to get confidence you might ask?

Well, the above steps will all give you confidence in time. Losing weight means you will be happy with yourself, and you will naturally show it. Other people will pick up on this and start treating you differently. You will begin notice women smile and attend you, other men will give you respect and that will boost your confidence even more.

Confidence is built step by step and one the best way to build it is to know how to be handsome and the a fast way to transform yourself would be to invest a few bucks in a program which you can read my review of in my article the handsome factor review.

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