5 Tips How to Pickup Women

learn how to pickup women in the cityYou must be wondering how it’s a walk in the park for some guys to pickup women. It’s not because they’re good looking, or rich; but it’s their confidence and persistence that pays.

Some people having the gift of the gab have these qualities developed naturally in them, but for others, it’s not at all a tough ride.

Here you get 5 tips how to pickup women that a man should know as there is a huge competition and these tips will help you ease through most difficulties while picking up women; and you might also and end up making them go crazy for you without being creepy, but confidently.


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The importance of eye contact

Making eye contact helps to build up the conversation and it shows that you’re actually interested in the person you’re interacting with, which is why the good eye contact methods to build attraction are something you should learn.

Look at a girl from a distance and try to make an eye contact. Wait for her response. If she smiles back, then you should go and talk to her. If she avoids you, then your chances with her are narrow.

It is very apparent that a woman who’s looking forward to meet men are more receptive than those who’re just there spending some time with their friends.

A woman indulges a lot into body language. So read her and try to make an eye contact. It is an important pickup rule every man should be aware about just like the body language traits that doesn’t attract women.


Make her the center of your interest

to pickup a woman make it all about her and she will be seducedIf you’re hitting on more than one woman in the same social group, you may just be seen as a player. Avoid hitting on her friends at the same time as she may not approve of it. One important rule while picking up women is that you’ve to make her feel special.

Pick a woman and focus on her instead of beating around the bush. Most of the time, a woman will pick a guy who seems to be really interested in her.

Try to make her believe that she’s beautiful. Women like being complemented.

Talk to her about the things she likes and make her interests your own. This might also help you in different aspects of the relationship if you two get along really well, most of the time talking things out.

But if she appears to be a woman who has an ego problem, avoid trying as it may turn out to be fruitless and it won’t make much difference to them.


Avoid using cliched pickup lines

Never use those pickup lines that make you sound desperate and make you feel that you are over doing it. It may also question your experience with women.

You should stand out of the general pick up lines using crowd, yes, there are many men who still don’t refrain from using these pickup lines. Try to be sincere in you efforts and don’t try to over do it. Never, ever do this.


Approach them at different places

Try to approach women not only in bars and clubs but also at places where you exercise you hobby-like a bookstore.

You can have pleasant conversations with them about the things you like, such as books, pets, nature, and several other things.

In nightclubs, most of the women expect to be picked up so they might build a sort of defense wall aroud them. Try approaching women in places other than just bars and clubs, places where you like to hang out. Be humble with you gestures and don’t offend her.


Know when to stop

Nothing can be worse than a guy who wants to stick with a girl desperately even if she doesn’t want to be around him.

Try to read her body language and the signs of her interest. Stop trying when she doesn’t seem interested in you at all. For example, if you’re trying your best to impress her and she doesn’t seem interested or tries to walk away, then step back. Don’t be a stalker. And if she is interested and you leave the conversation at a very fascinating note, she may want more of you.

These points will help you to develop confidence and interact more freely and positively with women. Always remember that success is not guaranteed and you may be rejected so many times.

But the most important tip to success is that never stop trying and don’t try to be something you’re not; if you do so, she may lose interest in you eventually.

Rejection will help you learn more about this art and you’ll eventually master the art of picking up women.

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