9 Tips for Confident Body Language

use the tips for confident body language

Your body language can leave a stronger impact than what you say. Your pose, posture and gesticulations can be a source of information of what is inside your mind and thus improving your body language can be a huge advantage that you can use in any situation.

The subconscious mind is inanely capable of interpreting body language despite and beyond the words that you’re saying, it can find out the truth even when you’re suggesting the opposite. A bad body language can hurt first impressions towards you in situations such as meetings and dates. It goes without saying that it is imperative for you to exhibit the right signals to leave a positive impression.

Here are nine powerful tips for confident body language that can have a good impact on your personal development and that can also give you an edge.

Avoid placing your hands inside your pockets

Placing your hands inside your pockets does not project confidence and should be avoided in all cases. By doing so, you give the indication of uncertainty and distress in any situation that you are in.

You tend to slouch when you shove your hands inside your pockets at which does not really leave a good impression.

According to psychologists, this can be interpreted like there is something that you are hiding. Place your hands in the open to indicate an open and amiable personality.


Take on a Power Pose

When you are nervous and uneasy in any situation, assume a power pose. This can be any pose that sends a signal of power and control. Like standing with both your legs and arms open wide or sitting on a chair with your hands at the back of your head fingers clasped while your feet are on the desk.

On dates, you can lean slightly forward with your hands in front of you and both your elbows on the table.

Assure that your back is straight in any of these poses at all times.


Avoid too much restless gestures

Experts say that fidgeting conveys that you’re nervous and anxious and that you’re uncomfortable of the situation that you’re in.

Hand movements are important in a conversation but you must not overdo gesticulation. Keep your hands steady if you wish to leave a positive impression.

In your gestures, keep it calm, emphatic and controlled and avoid the habit of shaking your legs.

Actually show that you’re listening

Do not multitask. Keep your phones away and avoid checking your watch too often while you’re talking to somebody.

Focus on who are speaking to and invest in the conversation. Show some affirmation that you are still on track and listening by nodding and turning your body towards who you are talking to.

Don’t forget that girls love a guy who intently listens.


Establish eye contact

Eye contact shows that you are engaged into the conversation.

It is an assurance of confidence and a strong personality.

It encourages openness in the conversation.

Don’t overdo it. Unless she is giving you favorable signs, abstain from too much eye contact after the conversation has ended.


When meeting someone, don’t look down – look ahead

Looking down indicates that you’re disinterested.

It can sometimes make you look morose and brooding.

Look towards who you are meeting when walking into a room or restaurant.


Maintain a good posture such as straight shoulders and back

The foundation of a confident body language is good posture.

Push your shoulders back a little.

If you’re uncomfortable doing this, try to practice in front of a mirror.



A smile shows gregariousness, warmth and trustworthiness. It can also show that you are not worried about anything.

If you smile to others, it helps them open up to you.

It won’t only make you confident, it also helps your friend or colleague feel confident because you’re showing interest and happy to be in the conversation.


Never cross your arms

Crossing your arms shows that you are apprehensive and that can be a defensive gesture.

It is considered as a signal of disinterest like you would rather not have that conversation with whomever you’re talking to.

It intimidates people, something you wouldn’t want that if you’d like to come as likeable, reliable and confident.


Without much effort, you can be into other’s good books if you have a confident body language. These tips can fundamentally impact your social life and can come in very handy in that professional ladder. These also help you cultivate a positive attitude and welfare.


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