The Three Guidelines to Flirting

check out the 3 guidelines to flirting

Take a moment and check the kind of text messages you send to a girl. If you come across texts like, “Hi there”, “What are your plans” or “How is it going?” you should learn some text flirting skills.

You should be able to emotionally connect with a girl and avoid giving her your empire to rule; be the king and reign. This is because by sending a girl non-elusive, low emotional-context, detached messages, you give her leeway to the patently own the relationship.

The three guidelines to flirting are some of the flirting tips you should implement.


All Messages Should Carry a Meaning

Attractive women receive loads of text messages daily and you have to stand out to be recognized and picked out. If you keep sending the same low-content messages, she will get tired and you might never hear from her. You have to bring forward your unparalleled, charming, and original self while writing text. This is where the magic comes in. The text has to be charming and flirting to set you from the rest of the competitors.

A charming text could be something like, “You are truly amazing because you are still thinking about me!” or “I think of you when I am breathing”. These kinds of texts aren’t in any way going to make her feel obliged to saying something. They will however make her want to respond and flirt with you without pressure.

A vital fact to stick in the brain, all texts should mean something and text flirting will work.


A Flirting Message Should be Precise and Entertaining


A Flirting Message Should be Precise and Entertaining

Knowing a woman isn’t all about texting. It involves you giving her tips and bits of who you are so that she has the urge of wanting to know you. It includes flirting and there is great fun in your clear texts. Maintain the same texture in the tone and style even when in a face to face conversation.

Be teasing, charming, friendly and ensure she smiles. Your flirting skills will tremendously earn you points and you will soldier on as a victor. She will by default want to be around you.

For a girl you just met, avoid texts that are obtuse like “Hi, what are you plans for today? It is Eddy from last night.” Just drop hints of your water in the sand and flirtatiously say, “Are you a text? Ooh, we just met and I think is pretty early for us to start conversing, maybe a little longer, Eddy.”

This will poison her brains with affection madness and will definitely respond to you and it will be like a natural thing for her to do so.


know the open closed door guideline to flirting


The Open/Close Door Rule

You should wait for some time before responding to texts from her. Ever sent her a text then she responds instantly? As chatting goes on, she eventually takes longer than usual? What happens in between?

You usually think about her during this interval, hopping that she responds. This is exactly what you should do in this rule. Keep her anticipating for your response. You can even sleep on the text. Create mystery, be spontaneous and unpredictable, this is one of the best tips to text flirt with a girl.

What kind of messages should you send a woman?

When initializing a conversation, keep the impression of funny, flirty, and outrageous. Just like I already mentioned, let it not be so obvious you want to hook up with her. At this juncture, ensure you know if she is fascinated by you or not. Always keep in mind the main agenda of using your phone is to flirt, create a harmonious connection and inject yourself in her mind to fittingly ponder about you.

The target should create mystery and keep her anticipating your respond. Wait for some time before rejoining. If you are texting to check on how she is doing, you can text her a message, like; “Guess what? I just bought a new LCD flat screen TV, I’m on the go”. You don’t explain every fact of your life.

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