The Ultimate Guide to Dominating Women Emotionally

The Ultimate Guide to Dominating Women Emotionally

Are you tired of being trampled upon by your girlfriend? Do you want to stop being pussy-whipped? Does she control you like a puppy? Do you beg for her attention? Must you ask for permission when doing things that don’t even concern her? Do you have a curfew? Does she get angry when you do simple mistakes? Do you want to stop that? If you answer to any of these questions is yes, then you definitely need to read on. You’re at the verge of losing her if this goes on, and it’s only a matter of time before you realize this fate.

Any relationship where the woman is the dominant one is bound to fail. It’s like the forces of yin and yang. It needs to be balanced. Men should be in charge in a relationship. If a man fails to take charge, all else crumbles. And frankly, women like being led. They’re like puppies. They want to be told what to do. It is why in most cases, women don’t prefer the nice guys, the good boys. You’ll here excuses like, “He’s such a nice guy, but…” “He’s too good. I wouldn’t wanna date him.” “He’s boring.” Why? Because being good makes you submissive. Good guys want to please her every time. And if a woman assumes the dominant role, you can be assured that she’s not happy. If she’s the one making all the decisions, it’s only some time before she calls it quits. So what do you do to avoid that? Here’s the ultimate guide to dominating women emotionally.

1. Be Assertive

As stated, women like being led. They want to be told what to do. They want you to tell her when she’s wrong, when she’s doing a mistake. If you happen to be one of those men who listen to their wife and do everything she says, then you are doing yourself an injustice. The ultimate way to make a woman submissive to you is by being assertive. Make decisions and stick to them. If she doesn’t like your decision, disregard her. Do what you want, when you want, how you want, but avoid doing anything detrimental to the relationship. Be the boss. Ask her to do stuff for you. Don’t change your opinion to match hers. Stick to your opinions. Don’t do what she asks always. You’re the one who should be asking for stuff to be done for you. Never make her feel like she has control over you.

2. Be unavailable

Another highly effective way to dominate your woman emotionally is to be unavailable. Being always there for her will ultimately make her take you for granted, especially when she’s the dominant one. Hell, who knows whether she’s even seeing anyone else? So show her that you have other things to work on. When she asks for you, don’t be so quick to run her away. Give her excuses or keep her waiting, at least once in a while. While ladies love attention, too much of it is poisonous. Go out with friends, post pics on Facebook how you had a good time. She’ll start to feel jealous and start being submissive. Don’t reply to her texts immediately. However, this trick won’t work with a lady who is submissive already. She will start to feel like you’re cheating on her. Also, make sure you don’t suddenly become unavailable. Let it be gradual.

3. Fake break up

3. Fake break up

This is to be used only in extreme situations where you feel she’s gone too far. If you feel she’s too demanding, keeps getting angry when you do simple mistakes, following you everywhere you go, snooping around to see what you’re doing, issuing commands, demanding too much attention, then you need to raise a false break up. If she loves you, she’ll stick around. But if she’s a psychopath, she will try to turn it around against you. She might even go ahead to agree to the break up. Either way, you will have at least known if she loves you or not. Don’t even call her. Let it be through a text. Something like, “I think we need a break.” Let her contemplate on the rest. If she’s yours, she will come crying at your knees. If she’s not, you’ll be happy to lose her.

4. Exploit her weaknesses

Girls easily fall into the traps of insecurity. One word and she starts to question her own existence. They let emotions control everything around them. So look for that one weakness she has and exploit it to your advantage, but be careful not to cause permanent damage. Make her feel bad, then at the right time, be her savior. For instance, you can make someone say something negative about her, then conveniently be there to console her. If her weakness is poor financial decisions, exploit those to your advantage. When she’s broke, deny her money until she begs for it. Use that opportunity to stamp your feet on the ground and let her know who’s in charge.

5. Make decisions without her consent

Ladies have the tendency of having an opinion in almost everything, this so much more when they feel they’re dominant and make better decisions than you. Well, not anymore. Don’t listen to her opinions. Heck, if your decisions are bad, you will know later. Let her know you’re not afraid to risk. If she gets angry, don’t worry. She’ll come around. You don’t have to ask her about some decisions that don’t involve her. This way, she’ll start to see you as such a kickass and will give you the respect you deserve.

6. Avoid exposing your weaknesses

Many a times, men expose their vulnerabilities to their women thinking they’ll help them. Little do they know that she will use them to her advantage. So if you haven’t already, don’t let her know about your weaknesses. Although chances are that she might figure them out, it’s incumbent on you to be immune to them. Learn how to cope with them so that, that way, she won’t benefit from exploiting you.

So far it might sound like a psychopathic way of dealing with a dominant woman in a relationship, but until the balance is restored in that relationship, you’re only wasting time. It’s time to take charge and be the alpha. Once the balance is restored, you go back to a relationship where everyone is happy.

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