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Read my unbiased and honest The Handsome Factor review of the program which is written by Mark Belmont. What you will read are the essential details you need to know for an appearance transformation on how to be handsome, no matter if you decide to grab a copy or not. This is the review site: Click here to visit Mark Belmont’s The Handsome Factor Official Website


So what exactly is Mark Belmont’s The Handsome Factor About?

The Handsome Factor is an appearance transformation guide for men that can lead to you having more success in life. It can be possible through inner confidence, by changing every aspect of your appearance and the way you handle yourself.

The Handsome Factor guide is developed by Mark Belmont, who according to himself was an ugly guy with no success in life until he came across why attractive people have more success, so he decided to figure out how to be a handsome man.

The program contains 3 things

  • The 240-page The Handsome Factor e-book
  • Grooming & Style Mistakes Three Part Audio Course
  • Personal email coaching offer




The Handsome Factor Manual

The manual is a 240 page e-book that is divided into a number of chapters which each cover a specific topic.

The first part is an introduction to why Mark Belmont made this program which you also can read in my article about the author.

The-Handsome-Factor-Book-CoverThe first real chapter is about handsome issues in a detailed chapter about hygiene. It basically explains everything down to every detail about why you should take care of hygiene, and also how you should do it.

When I was reading the book, which I did several times because there were a lot of things I didn’t know or thought about for instance the chapter about hair removal, I was very interested.

Hair popping up everywhere on your body is a common problem for most men above 30 years old. So if you haven’t passed the borderline where you find your body doing strange things, then this is probably not an issue for you. However I’m 40 years old and once I actually did try to remove my chest hair, which can be dumb a thing to do, because it grows out again (doh) and it is very itching. It would’ve been nice to have read Belmont’s book because it explains things very well like this example about chest hair removal:

“Methods of Chest Hair Removal

I hope the above section has convinced you to at least consider taming your chest hair. If so, I suggest you begin by trying one of the methods described below.

1) Hair Trimmer (aka “Clippers”): The hair trimmer is a fantastic little device that every man should own. You’ve probably seen one before – it’s what

hairstylists use to trim sideburns or give a buzz cut. A good trimmer will come with several “guards” or covers with varying lengths of teeth to allow you to adjust how short you want your hair. Simply run the razor along your skin against the grain of your hair’s growth and watch the excess hair fall into the sink (or bathtub, or wherever). a. Pros: Using a trimmer is quick, pain-free and incredibly easy to do. It does an excellent job of cleaning up overgrown hair. You’ll never have to worry about ingrown hairs, razor burn, red rashes, or any of the other unpleasant side-effects of complete hair removal.

b. Cons: Trimmers are only useful for men who don’t want a completely clean-shaven look. Even the shortest blade guard will leave a layer of stubble. Of course, the hair cut by a trimmer will grow back so you’ll have to periodically re-use it.

c. Tips: Start with a long blade guard and work your way down to a shorter one. This ensures that you never cut the hair too short for your liking. Also, make sure you buy a decent quality hair trimmer. “The Peanut” by Wahl is the model I use, but there are many excellent ones in the $40-50 price range. This is something you’ll probably use with regularity for many years to come, so there’s no sense cheaping out on a low-quality model that’s going to break a few months down the road.

And next page is about shaving and the page after is about waxing. This is just one page example of chest hair removal I showed, but it goes in details with things so everybody can understand the step by step.

The book continues to next chapter about skin care, weight loss, and muscle building and so on and in the end it has a very extensive chapter about your personal style – Hair and clothing and why you should have a style.

The Handsome Factor is a very easy & understandable nice looking manual and it includes specifications, real examples and money saving techniques and these steps to become handsome are things you do at your own home in your daily routine.


Grooming 6 Style Mistakes Three Part Audio Course

The-Handsome-Factor-Audio-CoverThe audio course outlines a number of crucial grooming and style mistakes, and has some very useful tips that aren’t included in the book.

The great thing about audio is that you can use it while you work out, take a walk or do something else. I find it a nice thing because you can do something while you learn and if you want to become handsome, it is perfect to listen to while you do some weight training.


Personal Email Coaching Offer

The-Handsome-Factor-Personal-Training-coverIncluded in the program is a personal training program with Mark and his two female assistants, which by the way are rather beautiful and if you want to know how to be handsome why not get a female’s point on view.

The personal training is basically your email with your questions and picture of yourself, and in 24hours you get a lengthy honest feedback on what you should do to improve – only downside about this personal coaching is you only get a month to take advantage of it.


The Bonuses Programs in The Handsome Factor

There are several bonuses with the program and you can read about each bonus in my article The Handsome Factor Download of free bonuses.


What are the Bad Things about the Handsome Factor?

When I had downloaded everything the first thing I opened was the main book, and to be honest I got kind of scared since it was 240 pages long! It took me a while before I decided to start from the beginning to read it, but I found out that it’s actually an easy and fast book to read.

The Handsome Factor book is truly about transforming you into looking the best you can. I’m willing to groom almost everything on my body, but have to say that grooming my legs is something I’m just not doing. This book explains and shows you every little thing about yourself you can optimize. It’s surprising to see how much you get with the Handsome Factor.

The third thing that bothered me was that it seemed as though there was way too much material. The book, Audio, Lyrics, Personal training & bonuses, it’s quite a bit. The upside is that it is easy to read, but still it’s a lot of material.


What are the Good Things about Mark’s The Handsome Factor?

One of the biggest factors is that this is very easy to read. This shows Mark has a nice writing style. The material is very nice looking also.

The-Handsome-Factor-Updates-CoverThe program will apply to anyone. It’s probably one of the most versatile to become handsome transformation programs I read ever. Regardless of what condition, age or almost sex you are, you will get some success with this.

I did write the amount of material was a bad thing, but at the same time it provides you with a wealth of advice. However, by following this program, you can transform yourself and help improve and boost your confidence with almost anything including women.

You can get the program for 1$ on trial and to be honest, 1$ is almost nothing and the main reason I personally bought it was because it included a 60 day money back guarantee.


My Opinion?

If you have women falling at your feet and you look like a million dollars then this program is probably not for you.


If you have lack of confidence, or are sick of not knowing how you can be a handsome man to the women, then this program will help you – IF you decide to follow it. It’s basically a blueprint how to be handsome and you will become better looking physically which should improve your life in most ways.

I hope you liked The Handsome Factor Review no matter if you want to try out the 1$ book or not and do please leave a comment if you got anything on your mind.


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