The Alpha Male Traits That can Give You Success with Women

the lion has the alpha male traits

Women have different taste when it comes to men.

Some may like the boy-next-door type while others may like the buff and muscular ones. However, almost any woman could not resist a man having alpha male qualities. Even a mere presence of an alpha male is enough to make them swoon.

Being an alpha male isn’t about being the physically strongest or being the number one lady-killer. For women, an alpha male is a brilliant man that has confidence and releases an air of superiority.

Alpha males are natural leaders that others follow. They appear to be extremely attractive to women and ooze with charisma and charm. They are quite comfortable with themselves, live life to the fullest and always aim to achieve everything that they set their hearts on.

Becoming an alpha male is one of the highest achievements a man can ever have. It is one of the secrets to succeeding with women. For women, dating an alpha male is like winning a jackpot in the lottery. So, what does it really take for you to become an alpha male?

Well, this is quite an easy thing to do. You just have to cultivate and master the traits of an alpha male that are mentioned below and become the best possible man a woman could ever have!




be confident and not cocky

If you aim to become an alpha male, you need to become very comfortable with yourself and have complete faith on your own capabilities.

An alpha male radiates with confidence and exudes self-assuredness. Do not be insecure and do not feel threatened by other people. Be confident! Confidence is actually a trait that improves greatly with experience and practice.

In order for you to have more confidence over time, you will need to fake it until you would be able to make it.

What you can do is to simply copy some of the mannerisms and body languages of a confident alpha male until you can become one yourself.

Remember, your self-assurance should not develop into arrogance. If this happens, people will act negatively towards you. Do not become someone who is cocky and boorish.




 Being proud is another trait an alpha male must have. Be proud of yourself – your personality, strengths, weaknesses or flaws and everything associated with you.

Acknowledge your success and know how to stand up when you fail. Never use your success as a weapon to belittle others nor see it as an advantage over other people.

Like the others, strive hard to earn success and prove your worth over and over again.



be humble and listen to others is a good alpha male trait

Alpha males are excellent leaders. You should not be afraid to lead your own pack when you are in the position to do so.

Do not try really hard to be a leader. However, seize the opportunity when the need arises.

Take charge of the situation and solve the problem by finding the best solution that you could ever provide.



In general, people are naturally attracted to those who have positive outlooks in life. Thus, optimism is a trait that must also be included in the list.

Always see the positive side of things and even in the worst situations, make the best out of them.

Continue searching for solutions to your problem and never give up. As the saying goes, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. There’s always a rainbow after the rain.

It would only make matters worse if you only complain and do nothing. A genuine alpha male knows that there lies an opportunity in every problem. You just have to find it!



An alpha male is dominant. He possesses such superior social skills allowing him to be on top of social circles.

Be able to take charge and accept the challenge head on. Be persistent and stand up for yourself. You should realize that being dominant as an alpha male doesn’t mean you need to push people around and become bossy.



As a alpha male you need to take chances for success

An alpha male is a passionate person. He has passion for life and lives for it!

Know what you love to do and follow your dreams. If you are to become an alpha male, learn how to set your own goals and ambitions and follow these to the ultimate end. So that in the end, you are proud to say that you have lived a very fulfilling life.



You must also have intelligence in order to transform yourself into an alpha male because a true alpha male has a real keen mind.

Be capable of assessing situations and finding the best logical solutions.

You should not forget to become quick witted also. With this ability, you would know the right things to say in different social situations and entertain everyone.



It is not necessary for an alpha male to have that perfect James Bond physique. However, it wouldn’t hurt to at least be a little fit while knowing why muscles will attract women is good to known also.

Be that kind of man who is fit and practices healthy habits and lifestyles. An alpha male pays attention to what he is eating and works out regularly.

Since an alpha always has a burning ambition to be the best, he also wants to achieve it in this particular aspect of life.



Being helpful is a good trait of an alpha male. Even though an alpha has a strong drive to advance to his personal goals, he knows that happiness and contentment do not just lie in achieving personal success.

Do not be narcissistic. Be inclined to touch the lives of the people around you.

Have limitations on your tendencies to help. Give advices and encourage others, but do not do the work for them. Know that you should only lend assistance.



Being humble is very important in our pursuit of success. This trait must be cultivated because humility ensures that an alpha male doesn’t take his eyes off from his main goals just because he was able to acquire some minor successes. It helps them keep their feet on the ground.

Humility is a key aspect of alpha’s personality. Humility in alpha doesn’t even cross the fine line separating it from self-loathing. Take pride in your achievements, but do not allow this pride to blind you.



Understand that you need to be patient with things that are beyond your control.

To adopt this trait, you will have to learn how to tolerate the shortcomings of the other people around you including your family, relatives, friends, and colleagues. Then, you will have to learn to accept them as they are.

You need to understand that people differ in ideas, views and philosophies in life but that does not mean that you won’t stand up for whatever you think is right.



Women can be attracted to men who are very dedicated to whatever they do.

You will have to know the value of hard work and its importance in achieving success and in fulfilling your ambitions.

Understand the value of other things in your life and give your best to achieve balance between personal life and work.

Be good with what you do at work while being there for your loved ones to celebrate the precious moments of life.



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