The 10 Best Text Messages to Send to Your Ex

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Most everyone has done it one time or another. There are those moments when we wonder what our ex-beloved is up too. Perhaps it is because we truly miss them or even only want a booty call. Either way, ex’s always seem to forge their way into our thoughts at some venture. So with your phone in hand, the contemplation begins with “should I or shouldn’t I”. Before you push those buttons, understand the bottom line: What is it you hope to achieve?

Before you text your ex, maybe you shouldn’t text your ex.

Sometimes there can be legitimate reasons for text messaging your ex. These are few and far between. Either you have moved on or you haven’t. If you can honestly say you see this person as now as someone that you used to know, or you are still on a friend type platform, texting that ex is going to better received.

Send text to Your Ex

The serious side

  1. To offer support/congratulations/condolences

There is nothing wrong with a quick “I’m sorry, you have my condolences” text when an ex is suffering through loss. On the flip side, if an ex has made some monumental achievement in their life, then a text to offer kudos is acceptable. Be careful how you word your text; keep yourself and the old relationship crap out of it. Get to the point with sincerity and move on. If an ex needs a shoulder to lean on or a celebrating buddy, they will open that door for you.

  1. Because you forgot something at their house

In the heat of breakups, personal belongings become tools of engagement. Items get scattered somewhere between homes, cars, garbage cans, and even front lawns. It is a ritualistic dance humans do to claim their territory. You may never find that special shirt gifted by your ex again. But in hope, your ex might be generous enough to box up some of those valuables you left behind. When you approach the text, talk gentle and speak to them like a normal human being. This texting will be like rolling the dice.

  1. You genuinely want to work it out

Let’s hope you are not the mad stalker sending a hundred texts a day all while weeping into your cereal. If you genuinely wish to dissect the issues keeping your ex at bay, it is going to take patience and time. If you must text, make it short and not sappy. Don’t dive into paragraph after paragraph defending your honor. Remember tone cannot be felt in a text. Your intentions could possibly be misconstrued. Wait until your ex to take the upper hand with a return text.

  1. Accidental dialing

You have accidentally sent your ex a text. Now what? Well, depending on what you said and who the text was meant for “you have some explaining to do”. If it becomes hostile behind enemy lines, take the high road and apologize. Leave it on a sweet note. You don’t want your ex to remember why you are no longer together. If anything, you can say “hey, it was so good to talk to you again.” And leave it at that.

  1. You have a peace offering.

The quickest way to get an ex to accept your text words as genuine is to apologize for whatever…whatever pushed the relationship off the buffalo jump. Then the cherry might be some sort of peace offering—maybe you scored two tickets to their fave concert, offer them up without the inclusion of your presence. Let the ex have a great time. Wait for it.

The lesser side

  1. You are drunken texting

Everybody knows the booty call text. It arrives at a certain witching hour amongst a whole lot of slurred words and sexual innuendos. Save the morning after embarrassment. Try to refrain from working your way down the ex list as well, hoping for the night to play on.

  1. You heard ‘your song’ and now are sobbing

Never should you text your ex lyrics of your ‘together’ song, and believe good vibes are going to be mutually shared. This is showing your cards in a weak way, it give your ex all the power to shut you down. On the other hand, if they happen to be listening to the same song simultaneously, and they text you first, by all means recite away.

  1. You saw them with a new significant other

This is psycho. Pure and simple. You may not be over your ex yet, but this is the worst move to make. You will put your ex on the defensive and give her a wicked flashback into your relationship together. Even if you were to say “congrats on the new guy” it would be misunderstood as smoldering animosity or dripping sarcasm. You are setting yourself up for the crash landing. For all you know, she could be with an out of town family member, who now is aware of your psycho cape.

  1. You genuinely want to work it out

As honest this is in heart, a text is not the place to open this discussion. At the very least, offer to meet in a new place which is conducive to having a normal and happy moment. Texting is not the way to show an ex you care. Human to human interaction in an amazing environment, perhaps drinking coffee by water’s edge is an ‘opener’.

  1. You have become creepy

You know when you have become creepy. You are so obsessed with the wanting of your ex’s love you are willing to park your car down the street and watch. You cannot help but to push the envelope by sending text after text in ‘and another thing…” ongoing conversation (primarily with yourself). Take a breath. Step back. Stop. Don’t be that person. Somewhere you have forgotten yourself and allowed this love maniac to surface. Focus on your own life, until your ex (or someone new) notices. Whatever you do, don’t text your ex.


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