Texting a Girl the Right Way is Important for Success

texting a girl the right way is important

Maybe you been out at a bar or another place and you started chatting with a very sweet girl.

You really want to know that girl a lot better and you managed to get her number.

So you got her phone number and now you have a problem because what to text the girl after you got her number and how?

Well, texting a girl the right way is very important if you want to achieve success and the reason for this is that women actually have a texting etiquette that are slightly different to men.

Men, if you thought the 3 day rule was cool you might want to think again, because according to the great site Pickup Metrics, 89% of women want to be contacted within 48 hours of a number exchange.

This revealing infographic from the site takes you on the journey from first text to first date. You’ll discover what male texting habits make women flake the first date, how much male competition you’ll likely be up against when texting girls in high demand and much, much more.

The data in the infographic was sourced from a survey of 100 single women in the U.S. Read on to see what the ladies had to say:


Why Hasn't She Text Back?


As you can see on the infographic there are slightly different opinions between men and women on how you should behave and act.

The best advice how to proceed is for you to first read this article: How to Text Women Mistakes to Avoid so you get an idea what to avoid when texting girls for the first time. You dont want to blew your chances to ask her out and hopefully even further by some dumb texting mistakes a lot of men do when texting girls.

Next step is building a connection so she will find you irresistible and the best way to do so is by flirting a bit. I admit that I’m a bit lazy, because I don’t want to type all this here again since you can just read my article tips how to text flirt a girl here where you get some nice tips for flirting when texting.

I hope these informations can help you, because the way how to get women successful is by obtaining knowledge and then try it out in real life and not just by sitting at home dreaming.

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