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If you are looking for a solution how to seduce, attract and get women you’re at the right place because here you get a comprehensive Tao of Badass Review. I am totally honest in my review of these programs, because there is a lot of bad stuff out there like there is also a lot of good stuff. So what you read in this The Tao of Badass guide are the essential details you need to know if you decide or not to grab a copy yourself.

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What is the Tao of Badass Report?

The Tao of Badass is a comprehensive program about attracting, seducing and dating women from beginning to end by Joshua Pellicer who is the author of the program. Maybe Josh is not the biggest name in the PUA society but he is very close though, especially after he made this badass program.

Joshua has quite a resume and is a humble person who likes to describe himself as ordinary, well almost. Why because he is a badass around women, and he has also made an even more advanced program about how to date multiple women. Like 98% of men he also started knowing absolutely nothing about what women want men to know until he realized how to seduce a woman whenever you like.

Joshua has been on television shows like The Today Show and radio shows giving dating, attraction and seduction advise. He has been giving interviews to New York Times and The Associated Press so his credibility is quite huge in dating and relationship. The program is about teaching you to be the bad ass every woman wants and loves.

The title Badass is not about being mean, evil or machismo but about having the inner game that creates a natural outer game. This program is different from a lot of others because it is about building the seduction naturally without coming around as a creep, weird or manipulative like a lot of systems do with magic tricks and other stuff that doesn’t come natural from the inside.

Those programs are just plain dumb tricks and women only like watching the same boring card trick a couple of times. Who can blame them, card tricks aren’t really funny for a long time.



The Tao of Badass can be used in other aspects besides dating and relationship because the Badass part is about changing your view of life and about boosting your confidence. As a comparison to other programs, I can tell the chapter “Gender Roles” is very excellent because this subject is normally never told in any seduction/dating/relationship programs. It however, should be something everybody is taught.

If you lack the knowledge of roles: a man playing the male role, attracts women. A man who has the female role, means you’ll never understand what women want or what women want men to know.

During my own time way back when I had women problems, I remember that many programs had a very tiny confidence section. Mostly it was just a one-liner saying “be confident” or “just have confidence.” What I have learned about being a real man is very much about having the inner confidence that comes naturally which is the main thing how to get women.

This doesn’t come from day one with a one liner and Joshua builds up confidence in an easy way. This will make sense to you and the difference between not having and having confidence is what the PDF eBook is also about. 


What Is Included In The Tao of Badass Program?

Beside the main program you will get these bonuses as free download:

  • Never Get Cheated On. This will teach you the secret mindset that makes you look like the only guy in the world, and as such you never experience getting cheated on by any woman.
  • Monogamy vs. Polyamory. A complete guide to date multiple women without lying, cheating or being a player and a secret to eliminate jealousy.
  • Escaping the Friend Zone. If you’ve ever been trapped in the friend zone and you wanted to be more, this report will teach you how never to end up in that zone. If already there, you can learn how to get out of it.
  • Guide to Breaking Up. How to break up the right way without pain or getting your car crashed by angry women.



The Bad Things of the Tao of Badass Manual?

If you don’t want to put the program into real action on girls and act on the information then don’t bother getting the program. This is a very detailed program and the info can be scientific at times. The program is not a quick fix if this is what you are looking for.

There is no such thing as a quick fix to become a natural MAN that can get women whenever he pleases. You need a few rejections to learn, because nobody get things right the first time. So if you don’t want to get out of the comfort zone and attract women then don’t bother the program.

There is one thing I missed in the program and that is he doesn’t touch the subject humor as an inner aspect. Even though he has a point leaving it out because humor can be a trick like many of the lame dating guru’s use, humor is a nice skill set that could be trained. You are a natural confident guy with humor. On the other hand it’s okay to leave it out because you will still get the right tools in the program to get any woman you want.


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Good Things about the Tao of Badass Program?

Joshua is a man who is easy to relate to because his tone is positive. I get the feeling that compared to many other dating gurus’, Joshua is a guy who doesn’t hate women and look at woman as soulless objects. He seems like a real caring guy and it comes across during the entire product.

The program teaches you the inner game, as well as confidence. Also, how you have the real power and not just simple tricks. It also explains all aspects about how to behave and act amongst other people so you become the natural confident badass you can use to seduce women, get the love of your life or use the badass mentality in any aspect of life.

If you are unhappy with the program, there is a 60 day full refund and no problem getting money back.


My Opinion in This Tao of Badass

If you want to get women and find the love of your life, The Tao of Badass is a program you simply want. Being a natural man takes some practice and the program can transform you by following the specifications and techniques in the manual.

The program is not free and it does cost some dollars which you have to decide on spending if you want the program. I will end this review by saying, you will not get women by reading only, it also takes some practices and failures and this is the obstacle you have. You can win this fight without the program but this program will give you easier access to the tools you need to move forward.

I hope you liked my honest Tao of Badass Review. No matter if you decide to get it or not, decide you want to change things in your life now. A lot of men do it, and trust me when I say that it’s well worth the fight.


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