How to talk to a girl online – 5 Tips

How to talk to a girl online

Meeting Women Online

As most men inevitably come to realize, growing past their early twenties and settling down a regular job diminishes their opportunities for meeting new people substantially. No longer does the school environment or university campus provide ample chance for small talk with women of comparable age and similar interests. As time constraints and obligations rise, bar hopping with their drinking buddies gets less and less frequent to the point many are left to wonder, is that all there is to it? Am I doomed to never relive the experience of having multiple, romantic encounters readily available in my life, as I once did?

Luckily, online dating comes to the rescue. Meeting new women has never been more accessible. There exist a myriad of dating sites, including but not limited to:, and There are even dating apps for smart phones, most popular of which is Tinder. And if all fails or one does not want to go that one extra mile and register on one of the aforementioned services, there exist the good old social media, like Facebook, at which pretty much anyone has a profile.

Why is online dating good for you? Because it is easy and convenient. Because it is free, or at least cheaper. Because you can work on it whenever you feel like doing so. Because it does not require a significant time investment. Because you have an immensely wider audience than you would have, had you limited yourself to your social circle.

The biggest drawback of online dating is how highly competitive it has evolved to be. Given the plethora of choices, you really have to play your cards right and market yourself correctly to find success. Let’s get started with the best tips to maximize your chances of getting what you’re looking for:

Tip #1: Your profile

Nothing is more important than your profile, when it comes to meeting new women online. Having a poorly presented profile is the equivalent of going out with miss-matched clothes and a splash of mustard on your face.  You should absolutely upload a professional quality level photograph(s) complimenting your assets, whatever those may be. If you travel a lot, showcase that. If you work out, show off your body and if you have a nice car give your audience a hint. When describing yourself, don’t come off as a try-hard. Allude to having interests and an attractive lifestyle and avoid giving the impression of desperation like the plague.  Ideally, you should present yourself as someone who does not really need online dating.

Tip #2: Awareness of the gaming field

That one, hot and/or interesting girl who caught your attention has, in all likelihood, caught the attention of dozens if not hundreds of other males much like you. You would be wise to keep that in mind. Put things into perspective. What are the chances she picks you over a hundred others, if your approach is identical to theirs? You need to stand out. The best way to stand out is, well, to be exceptional. So do your due diligence and work on yourself as much as you can. Attractiveness and confidence is largely a byproduct of successful past endeavors. Read more to become a better conversationalist, work out more to become more attractive and start new hobbies to get more interesting. Much like the real world, in online dating faking does not cut it. Do your due diligence. Step one in having people attracted to you is being attractive.

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Tip #3: Don’t focus on the mundane

Girls don’t join dating sites to talk about their work or studies. They join dating sites to meet someone that will sweep them off their feet, away from the boring parts of their everyday life. Instead of chatting them up about how did it go today at work, or where do they go out when they do, only for the conversation to croak a slow, painful death rattle in twenty minutes, try to make them invest emotionally to what you’re talking about. Don’t be afraid to get cheeky and tease them. Ideally, a conversation with you should resemble a cardiogram, with its emotional ups and downs. And make sure to always leave things in a high-note. Don’t drag the conversation until it dies, but always leave her wanting more.

Tip #4: Interesting is he who is interested

While at first you want to keep the heat of the conversation yourself, you should slowly transition to letting her do the majority of the talking. Human beings are simple. We enjoy talking of ourselves, and that is exactly what you should let her do. Grab her attention by being witty and original, but do not fall to the masturbatory trap of endlessly talking about you. Let her do the talking, through open-ended questions aimed at her. Make her invest and expose herself. Ideally, it should seem as if she is trying to win you over instead of you qualifying yourself to her.

Tip #5: It is all a number’s game

You cannot get them all. There will be some who don’t seem to respond positively no matter how tight you played your interaction with them. Don’t take it personally. Realize how it is all a number’s game and minimize your investment to the girls you have a slim chance with. A wise man likes people who like him back, because at the very least, they evidently have good taste. Therefore, it would be best if you focus your energy to those who express interest back at you.


You are now armed with some of the best tips for meeting new women online. You have no excuses anymore. All that is left is that you put them to good use. Remember: Practice makes perfect. Much like anything under the sun, being good at online dating takes time. Do not be discouraged should you not enjoy immense success immediately. If you follow the principles outlined in this article you will inevitably do well with women eventually.

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