The Best 3 Flirting Signs a Woman Likes You

she shows the signs a that she likes you

Does this sound familiar, ‘having trouble reading the signs a woman likes you and want to engage in contact with you?’ Do you feel like not want to embarrass yourself by maybe mistake what you thought were right?

If you can say yes to the questions, you are not alone because most guys have no idea when a woman is hitting on them. The woman is sending absolute clear signs she likes you, but you have no idea how to tell if a woman likes you. To be honest, women are indeed very confusing for us men. Most men have probably experience meeting a woman who say one thing but really mean the total opposite or just being bitchy about anything.

I can’t explain everything about women to make it logical (the reward to solve that mystery should be at least 40 million dollars) but this article can help you fix the problem about knowing the 3 best flirting signs a woman is into you. As well as when she want you to approach her and also make you get more interactive with women in general.

A whole lot more interactive because understanding what to look for on dating or just meeting women remove the fear of failure. Women are confusing which you probably know. Flirting women work a bit differently than men who have a more direct approach. When a man is flirting nobody is mistaken what is going on.

Women on the other hand are a lot more mysterious because they don’t put all the cards on the table. Women are subconscious when it comes to flirting, and the sign a woman is attracted to you is different signals compared to men. The big question “how to know the signs a woman is flirting with you”?

No need to turn your head around for a girl who sends signals but saying she just want to be friends, when the solution is quiet clear. Read her body language. Read this article The MAIN principle of how to Flirt with a girl to know how you should flirt with girls.


get the signs a woman likes you

The Woman Can’t Take Her Eyes off You

When you see a hot woman you look at it A LOT. Even though men and woman are quite different we do work the same way about looking at things we actually like. When a woman is looking at you in the way she actually finds you attractive or interesting, it won’t be the women who just glance.

This is a non-verbal way of her sending signs she find you attractive, interesting or if you really are in bad luck, your flyer is open. If you flyer is closed and you don’t have anything funny on your face, it is a signal for you to interact with her. This is one of the sure signs the female are into you.

A whole lot of women use their eyes as the only way to flirt. Many continue looking at you and that tells you to take action because you can be damn sure she’s interested. Otherwise, the women wouldn’t give you attention.

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She Starved for Your Attention

A woman who wants to be around you, sits by you, makes small talk all the time. She is sending a pretty clear signal most men ignore or don’t think about as a woman showing a whole lot interest in him. Do you have a woman in your life that does this then don’t try to be her friend if you want sexual interaction with her. Engage in seducing her because this signal she likes you and finding you very sexual attractive.

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She Flashes a Smile Your Way

Most women actually try to be nice, but unless you smile first, how often do you see women smiling as a courtesy? Smiling is a welcome greeting in all cultures but as stated it doesn’t happen often that a woman flash her pearly whites to you. Its body language a woman likes you and she is open to you.

So if you see a woman standing and smiling at you, you should start an interaction with her. She is open to at least starting a conversation with so don’t be afraid to start one. She wouldn’t smile at you if she wasn’t interested.

To wrap it up, you should start learning these 3 signals from women. If you get any of these 3 signals from women you should take action and approach. These are the most common signs a lady likes you, but it is your job to look for the signs so you don’t have to ever again ask yourself the question how to know if a woman likes you.

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