7 Shaving Tips for Men

guse the shaving tips for men

Men with short hair appear attractive and smart. At present, there are very many hairstyles one can adopt. But, the ultimate reason for having a haircut is to have presentable, stylish, smart and professional look.

Among the areas that men should consider shaving include the moustache, beards, sideburns neck area, nose hair and the pubic region. It is believed that women get attracted to clean and shaved men, then the unshaved ones.

This article provides the best shaving tips for men to help you remain clean and attractive to their opposite gender.


Allow your skin enough time to settle

It is important to give your skin time to settle if you want to have a nice and smooth skin surface suitable for the best way to shave. Most professionals and dermatologist advise that you should give your skin at least 10 minutes. This is so because the human skin is always puffy during the morning hours. This is one of the major ways to avoid cuts and nicks.


Wet your beard thoroughly

Wet your beard thoroughly To avoid razor burns and rashes, make sure your facial hair is thoroughly wet. Moisture makes the hair silky and easy to cut. Take a shower and rub your face with a moistened towel for a few minutes before trimming your hair. It is recommended to wet your face for one or two minutes.

Also, avoid applying facial products on your dry face. If you do so, you will increase your chances of getting razor burns. This means that the quality of the trim you get on your face will be compromised.


Apply a shaving cream

There are several creams and products cropping up each day with the promise of giving the best smooth cut. However, these creams are not as effective as they claim to be and, therefore, reduce the quality of the expected results.

A good shaving cream should have a high concentration of lubricants. These lubricants lather easily creating a contact between your skin and beards. The oily nature of the cream aids in sliding the razor smoothly on your face. This reduces one’s chance of developing rashes and cuts – You will find such products at Amazon here.

Apply the shaving cream and allow it to settle for about 2 minutes before shaving. This will allow your beards to absorb moisture, making the whole process effortless.


Always use a shaving brush

Always use a shaving brushOne tool you should never lack as a man is the shaving brush. It has a couple of uses including:

  1. Helps to apply the shaving cream evenly on your beard and to create a rich lather on the skin.
  2. It gets rid of dead skin cells on the face, in the process known as exfoliation. These cells encourage razor bumps and blemishes that reduce the quality of your shave. Using a shaving brush to remove these defects increases the quality of your shave. This gives your skin a smooth and healthy surface.
  3. The brush helps one acquire a close cut, as it raises even the shortest facial hair for the razor to cut.

Choose a brush with a uniform size and texture of bristles. Apply the cream in a circular motion. This helps raise the facial hair and beards making it easier to acquire a closer cut. Find some of the best brushes to the cheapest price at Amazon here.


Always use high-quality razors

Blunt and rusted razor blades are a major cause of cuts, scratchy skin and razor burns. It is important to note that each shave you take eliminates the hair together with two more layers of skin. Therefore, it is advisable that you consider using a sharp blade and change it after a few shaves. Ideally, you should change the blades after using it 5 to 10 times.

Nonetheless, you cannot manage to use your blade in this manner if your beards are tough and not shaved frequently. Rinse your blade before you start the shave. Also, maintain this practice after every few swipes to get rid of the clogged cream, cells and hair.


Strive for a closer shave

Strive for a closer shaveThe ultimate reason for shaving off your hair is to have an even and closer look. This is what professional barbers are trained to do. However, you can also do it by applying the shaving cream on the areas that need a cut.

Start with the grain and later apply the cream before shaving sideways. Take caution not to over-shave your hair. This may lead to cases of skin irritation, rashes, and even razor burns that can be harmful to your overall appearance.

Always remember to rinse your blade with a plenty supply of hot water each time you shave. This mechanism helps to get rid of the clogged hair, skin junks and shaving cream. Never wipe the blade with a towel as this can make it become blunt faster.


Understand the basic shaving techniques

Learn the basic techniques of using your razor to achieve a wonderful shave. Professionals advise that you should shave in the direction of your beards. However, still many people are not sure about the direction of their facial hair.

It is recommended that you do your first cut and wait for two days for the beards to grow. This is a good practice especially if you do not know the direction of your hair. This way, you will be able to identify your grain, and shave in that direction henceforth.

Even though shaving against the direction of your grain will still give you a clear shave, it increases your chances of developing ingrown hair. This happens when you cut the growing hair below the skin level, thereby causing razor bumps and making your skin rough.

It may also lead to inflammation or other possible infections. Using a good shaving product and avoiding pressing the razor too hard into the skin will ensure that you do not get razor bumps.

Finally, wash your hair after the shave. Use warm water and possible facial wash that contains tea tree oil.

Most shaving related problems can be solved using the above male grooming tips. You can also consider taking regular visits to your dermatologist from time to time. Such specialists might provide you with an alternative solution that works best for your hair.


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