How to Seduce a Woman with Words


Words are powerful. Seduction is powerful. It is all about the culmination of desire. Words may be the deciding factor in whether or not you are going to move a woman into your intentions.  Many men feel hesitant or lack courage to express their true emotions mainly because of that old rejection issue still on the table.  It is time to push that worry aside, learn how to get the woman you desire, and do so with the confidence of a lion.  Here is a clue to women that many men don’t know—women love when men take the time to think about what they are going to say, and women hang onto words like jewelry. How do you seduce a woman with words? Read on.

  1. Say my name, say my name

When you call a woman (or anybody for that matter) by their name it validates them. You have just made it personal, and assigned them as being not only a valuable human being, but brought them in closer to you. If you want to seduce a woman, say her name, call out to her like it was your favorite song. This is what makes communication personal.

  1. Words need sincerity

We live in a cynical, and skeptic world where trust is the hardest bridge to build. Make your words sincere. Sincerity is warm reach into a woman’s eyes when you speak to her. She needs to hear your intention via words, body language and eye contact.  Women today are sharp on players, and they know game. In fact, they may have leveled up on this with men, able to see through every word, and action whether delivered in person or text.  If you wish to be a master seducer, do so with a truth about you, and step back into the luxury of being a sincere man.

  1. Words need a positive vibe

Some words are instantly seductive to women. Words that are associated with the beautiful essence of living such as adore, cherish, appreciate, love, peace and admire. Take the time to learn descriptors or adjectives which improve your ability to subtly communicate to her your intention. Many men would be doing themselves a great favor by expanding their ‘love’ vocabulary with the help of the internet. Times have changed, the ante is high.

Learn from the movies which suck women in. The most notorious being “Fifty Shades of Grey”. How many women secretly and outwardly clamored for the most intense seduction of the century? There is a solid reason why hot romance novels sell so well, pick one up and get some ideas from these juicy well-loved seduction scenarios.  With a strong sense of self, confidence, and help from a few juicy resources, you can seduce a woman into bed, or simply in for life.

  1. Never Mimic Other Men

With that being said about other resources, it is one thing to study the erotic scenarios, but it is cringe worthy to adopt any other man’s seduction persona. It will come across cheesy, creepy, or fake. Even if you witness your friend as the master of the seduction, using all the right words…you should never mimic his style. Ignore others art of seduction, and work on your own unique style.

  1. Practice Speaking Seductively

Okay, the biggest takeaway here is not to talk about yourself too much or to stay in this robot-seduction-chase-kind-of-game. It is a complete fail. How to overcome this? Practice speaking seductively through self-talk about your perfect getaway, or dreams of going to Belize or whatever. The point is when you practice any visualization; the best words seem to arise to describe it. These are your emotions painting a picture. Now, try it on a woman and add a bit of flirtation or sensuality to the conversation.  You have just made yourself a fascinating creature and a mysterious man to a woman. Don’t forget to include her name somewhere in this for nudging her a bit closer to your psyche and heart.

  1. Advanced Seduction Technique—Fractionation

If you have mastered the art of words, then feel free to dive deep into the controversial seduction technique of fractionation.

Fractionation is a scientific design meaning “a separation process in which one mixture is divided into a number of smaller parts”.  In the 1990’s, a man named Derek Rake perfected a seduction method called “Sonic Seduction” which combines psychology, hypnosis, and persuasion. Because some say it messes with a woman’s mind, it has been called a ‘dark art’, unethical, or amoral. Others say it is comparable to life hacks.

Despite all that is said about it, it basically is a method focused on a specific conversation technique meant to pull really strong emotions from a woman which she will unknowingly associate with you. The idea is to build a strong bond without her knowing it. Here is one way it is done:

Through a sequence of pleasure/pain/pleasure/pain inserted into compelling conversation, you will elicit emotional ups and downs from the woman; she then will anchor the ups to you. For example, you ask her to describe anything that has made her happy, but then reverse it into describing an experience that was sad. Repeat the sequence once more, and according to the creators of this method, the girl is yours.  It is the quick succession of conversation topic, combined with your vibe, your tone of voice and body language.  Many dating coaches advise against this because it is difficult to do and it is truly unfair to the woman.  The weaving in and out of this kind of conversation is designed for polarity.

FYI--Statistics reveal women to still be into the very first impression, based on appearance and body language (55%). What you say means less (7 %) than how you say it (38%).

The takeaway: Make the eye contact. Your eyes embrace all of the words for seduction, just waiting to be expressed verbally.

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