How to Seduce a Woman with Touch



While you have probably read a zillion articles on where woman like to be touched, there is a new (old) way to approach and seduce. And maybe the largest amount of nerve endings may be the prized areas of a woman’s body, but aside from diving right into breasts, butt and vagina, consider trying Kino first. Kino is short for “Kinesthetic“, and it is an erotic art that any man can master.

When you are going to seduce a woman with touch, make sure first she enjoys your hands on her, and she feels comfortable so she can thoroughly find pleasure in the process. Touching is an intimate move and kinesthetic techniques will greatly improve your seduction repertoire.

Research says that people express through either audio, visual or kinesthetic. This is important for feeling and escalation into desire. By touching you allow the woman to express her own moves confidently and seductively.

How Kino works

There are three good methods used with Kino:

1. Playful Kino: This is light touching meant in banter and fun, used commonly amongst interested couples in social situations like nightclubs. This is touches done in small quantities, as it adds a sense of flirtation and intensity to the seduction process. Too much, and it becomes in poor taste and is perceived wrong.

Lightly inject some of your own energy now and then in social situations where there are other men around who lack courage to pursue the interaction with a girl you all may be interested in.

Examples of playful Kino:

  • Tickling her
  • Ruffling her hair
  • Hip-bumping her
  • Hot hands
  • A light (very light) playful shove
  • Kid-like games like thumb wars
  • Salsa spins

2. Protective Kino: Touching her to make her feel protected and safe. This can be a real turn-on for women. Once you have made a connection, this is a powerful, appropriate seduction touching.

Another form of protective Kino is to lead her through a crowd with an open hand on her lower back. It is a form of manly ‘escorting’ from an old-fashioned past. It creates an impression of you as masculine, and she feels safe.

Protective Kino also engages in the arm-in-arm similar to a promenade or putting your arm out in front of her at a street crossing if a vehicle is coming. These kind of touching methods signify your confidence and that you protect your own.

3. Incidental Kino: The most subtle of the three types of Kino is incidental Kino. It is the next level of intimacy given to a very comfortable presence with another. This is a natural, subconscious touching where you and the woman create the interaction in replication of moves.

Because it is a let-it-happen touch, don’t ever try to purposely manufacture this Kino form.  Incidental Kino is created by closing space between you and a woman. One example is knees interlocking while sitting on barstools. It is welcomed, subtle, and inviting. If this breaks off, take your time before initiating the natural state again. Also, make sure to take a break from the incidental Kino, and let it rest. This is all about comfort. If you are engaged in a good spontaneous form of this type of Kino, kissing is the next move. In fact, it is almost a guarantee to happen.

Examples of Incidental Kino

  • Brushing shoulders together while you walk
  • Speaking into her ear if it’s loud and the subtle touching associated with this
  • Sitting next to each other on a couch
  • Leaning in during conversation
  • Taking something from her or handing something to her

If you are ready to seduce a woman by touch, next time you get the chance, employ one of these techniques, beginning with the first one. While no one loves overly aggressive touchy-feely situations, Kino teaches you how to gradually captivate a woman with touch and how to remain natural through the whole process.  For men who are less confident or get nervous during the initial first stage, think about ways to use Kino to your advantage.

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