How to Seduce a Woman with Text


Hacking a woman’s mind via text can easily be a win or lose situation in a matter of one text.  Women are quick to decipher, and put tone or emotion behind words, even if they are meant entirely a different way. That is why is imperative to get it right the very first time.

In this short window, you will have to deliver a poppin’ text which draws out her curiosity, and see you as this mysterious entity that she feels compelled to answer back. The big word to remember here is: compelled. Compelled by definition means to have a powerful and irresistible effect or influence, to drive someone towards you by this magical force.

So, How Is It Done?

There are many things women are looking for in a man. Some women care about ambition, social ease, physical attraction, humor, and some manly-man traits. While most men cannot collect all the perfections in a cute little box to hand over this fairytale prince to a woman, there are ways to hook a woman’s curiosity. The first being humor. Women love men who can make them laugh naturally…force it too hard and you come off like an awkward soul.

Your first objective is to make her want to text you back immediately, so an ongoing conversation can set the premise for a future hook-up. This is going to be dependent on all the acting factors in the universe, such as time, environment, and basically is she is in the mood or place to carry on the texts. This is where things can get messed up pretty fast if your timing is wrong.

The most popular ways to start a conversation through texts today is to send a funny gif as an opener. Typically, finding an entertaining way to say hello (and you can find one with the awesome words and pics you would like to use), then wait to see if she responds with a gif back. Social media has taken conversation beyond typing in words to this form of expression because it does open the doors to evolve into a normal conversation, and better, you get the girl’s immediate attention.

Stay away from anything political or religious or even gifs which show maddening opinions—go for movie or TV quotes. Not only do you want to get the girl, you want her to get you too, so show yourself in lighthearted humor as a conversation opener.

The problem of texting is interpretation. While you may be inferring a beautiful scene of drinking wine on a hood of a car later on in the night, she may be thinking you want a booty call. Texting is a delicate walk when you don’t know how a woman thinks or feels.

If you move past the gif opening into a ‘what’s up’ kind of scenario, simply tell her she has been on your mind lately, and you don’t know why (this demonstrates to the woman, she must have some true magic to be able to linger in a man’s mind—it is a high compliment).

Stay lighthearted and mention ‘you hope you didn’t catch her in the middle of anything’. Be gracious, and ready to allow her a way out, but also leave an opening for her to reach you later. Simply ask her if you can talk again. Being your authentic self, with ego aside, is the way to reach deep into a woman’s interest.

Your goal is to create more attraction, and in a subtle way show high value (perhaps ending the conversation with something interesting or adventurous you are about to do).

Find a short, sweet way to say how busy you are, but how you would toss it all aside if it meant a moment shared with her.  Tell her every time you think of her it brings a smile, even when you are knee-deep in work or play.

Here is some solid advice: Women have evolved into many women wrapped up in one. Your job is to tap into the layer which is begging to come out. Just like men, women are wrapped up in a plethora of responsibilities and obligations. And just like men, they daydream about the opportunity to live larger. Find out through conversations what she dreaming of instead of all those routine drudges.  Maybe she is dying to see a certain movie, or go on an adventure…it is your job to pull that out and oblige the situation. Do this and you have her, because you were paying attention to not just texts, or gifs, but to what she is craving in her life.

And at the end of the text, tell her she has made your day so much better. Hint, but don’t directly ask for the meet-up…throw that on her court to think about. Tell her to holler if she feels like running free for a couple of hours.  Let her roll those desires around in her head. Now you have left it open for either one of you to text back, and at any time. And oh, end with a cool funny gif.

What Not to Do:

  • Don’t come on strong and sexual (no nude pics please, it is a deal breaker)
  • Don’t be cheesy, with texting you can take your time to think correctly
  • Watch the grammatical errors, yes…women notice.
  • Don’t overload or overwhelm her with long-drawn out messages.
  • Don’t send texts which make you sound like a customer service representative like “Hello, How are you today?”

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