6 Tips to Seduce a Woman by Making Her Laugh

seduce a woman by making her laugh

Even though humor isn’t really the most important trait of an attractive man, it is still one of the best ways to seduce a woman. If you know how to make a woman laugh, you instantly open up a woman. Relationship issues aren’t the only things to be concerned of.

Women and men perceive humor differently and what you say or goof around saying to your mates, doesn’t always works on the ladies. Simply because you can easily make a woman feel disgusts with what you’re saying. The good part though is anybody can learn to seduce a woman by saying stuff women find funny.

If you heard women trying to be funny amongst each other, it isn’t great humor is it? 🙂 If you are a totally stiff man who speaks straight laced, instead of letting your tone of voice run smooth then you need to watch a lot of comedians perform and learn how they do things.

However for those of you who don’t sound like they are almost falling asleep but having problem humoring women, look at the bright side. It’s just a skill anybody can learn and here are some tips how to seduce a woman by making her laugh.


Be Relaxed to Seduce a Woman with Humor

You need to be confident for being funny in a casual way, and doing this you need to be relaxed and actually have fun doing it so you seem spontaneous to her. You can read this article. You can find the best way to get women and how to tease a woman so you can learn to tease women in a relaxed way.




Try to Figure what Type She is

Try to figure what type she is because not all women find the same things funny. Making things easier for yourself means you need to figure out what kind of type she is. For instance, is she laughing at everything you say? Or is she only laughing when you try to be funny or maybe not laugh at all?

If she laughs at everything you say you can’t really fail because it is signs of female attraction. If she only laughs when you try to be funny, you should be okay teasing her a bit. However if she is very stiff you are probably in for a tough job so maybe you should try to figure what she dislikes and team up hating whatever she dislikes in a playful way. This could make her open up a bit and in time, help her be relaxed. You should work to seduce a woman with simple techniques.


Playful Tease her

If you tease a woman in a playful, casual way she will love it, especially because you will appear a bit cocky the right way as a man who knows how to flirt. What you never should do when you tease a woman or others for that matter, is teasing her with something that’s insulting.

Like if she have a big nose, overweight, bad hair or if she feel insecure, don’t say anything about these areas unless it’s to compliment them. Instead find something that’s innocent to make fun with like if she wears high heels, or if she blushes when you say something naughty. Never be a jerk and bring up subjects women are sensitive about because you’ll never be any good at seducing a woman.





Make Fun of Yourself

If you want to seduce a woman then don’t be a clown. You never build attraction being a clown, but women like a confident man who doesn’t take himself way too serious especially if they date him. IF you want to open up a woman you should make fun of something silly but funny mistakes you have done.

This doesn’t only work on women but on men also. When you hang out with your mates don’t you laugh of each other whenever you do stupid things? What you shouldn’t do is tell her a story like, “I remember when I had sex with my ex. I made a very stupid but funny mistake during intercourse.” You shouldn’t do this to seduce a woman, I found out the hard way.

“I was lying on her back and we were doing the … thing, and all of sudden I accidently lost my chew gum in her hair (yep it is a stupid thing to do during sex). She didn’t noticed so I was trying to get it out of her hair while having sex

She found out eventually of course and became kind of upset because she actually had to cut off some of her hair….it ruined the sex just a bit that evening. The worst part isn’t what I already told, the worst part is two weeks later I accidently did the same damn thing again during sex! She got so damn pissed!”

Even though most men find this a little funny, women tend to find it rather annoying if you are telling stories about who you had sex with (until you become regular lovers, but that’s a whole other story). Stay away from stories involving other women when you try to seduce women with humor.


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Never Laugh at Your Own Humor

Don’t you just hate it, when people are telling something, but they are ruining it because they are laughing at their own story? It’s so annoying and no matter how funny it might be, it has the opposite effect. If you do it, you come off like a fool and totally blew whatever funny story you had going and it sure isn’t attracting girls.


Use Her Name

Try to blend in her name often. You could say something like, “Jane, Jane, Jane what were you thinking off?” By using her name often you actually build a bond because ALL women want you to use their name. Doing it in a playful way, means you are being funny but also building rapport with her.

Try to do these things when you want to seem funny and the most important thing is always smile. When you smile you will seem a positive human being and people will be automatically attracted to you. It’s a damn great way to seduce a woman.

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