4 Reasons That She Might Be “The One”

find the Reasons That She Might Be "The One"You have been dating a wonderful woman for awhile, and you are definitely in love. Although you have gone out with other people before, this woman is different, in a good way.

You really like spending time together, you have tons in common and you are thinking about popping the big question. If you think she might be “the one” but you aren’t 100 percent sure, here are some clear signs that you have found true love.


You share comfortable times of silence

When you first start dating someone, you might feel like you always have to keep the conversation going. If there’s a lull in the talking, it might feel odd or uncomfortable.

If you are at the point in your relationship where there is no such thing as an awkward silence, it’s a good sign that you have found true love. You don’t need to fill every silence with words — sometimes it’s nice to just chill out during a car ride and get lost in your thoughts and feel comfortable doing so.

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She has grown to love your sports teams

In any healthy relationship there is a mutual amount of compromise, and both parties have to be at least reasonably interested in each other’s interests.

Case in point, you have learned quite a bit about her passion for gardening and now happily accompany her to plant nurseries on Saturday, while she sits and watches most of your beloved football games with you on Sunday.

She also appreciates how fun it can be to see an NFL game live. Even if she’s not always up for hours of football on the couch, she likes the full experience of seeing a game in person. If you ever want to show your appreciation for your sweetie’s increasing love of football, treat her to tickets to an NFL game.


You have had great conversations about heavy topics

One of the ways you determine if someone is a potential lifelong partner is to talk about key issues while you are dating.

There are a variety of topics to go over long before you even think about going shopping for a diamond ring.

If you have spent time discussing some of the heavier things in life, including money, religion and how to properly hang a roll of toilet paper, and you like what you are hearing, it is a good sign that she is the one for you.

Other topics to discuss long before an engagement takes place include how you like to spend the holidays, your relationship with your parents and if you want to have children.


When you say goodbye, you look forward to the next hello

Another sign of true love is how you feel after you’ve waved goodbye.

Being in love can be like a wonderful drug — when she is not there, you miss her, crave seeing her and can’t wait to get together again for your “fix.”

These are all definite signs that you have fallen in love with not just anyone, but “the one.”

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