Psychological Ways to get Your Ex Back

psychological ways to get your ex back

When you break up with your partner, you want them back. You may use psychological ways to get your ex back into your life. However, you should be sure you actually want them back before trying any of the ex back tips below.

Using psychological triggers is a very powerful way to deal with another person. Most people don’t understand them and if they do, it doesn’t matter, because the human psyche just doesn’t see them until it’s too late. You see them every day in the marketing efforts of every company on earth.  They use the same method as you to get your ex back.

Every person wants what they can’t have. It’s part of humans to be this way. In order to get your ex back, you have to make them think you’re doing fine without them. Basically you have to trick them into believing you are ready to move on and live your life without them. This is an adjustment you’ll have to make because it goes against your nature.

Your nature is to run after them and beg them to return. The strategic plan is a two-step process you can use to get your ex back.


and write a letter to get her or him back again

The first step is to write a hand written note to your ex. Keep it short, but let them know you know it’s over and you are ready to move on with your life. Keep the note on a light side to show your adjusting to the breakup.

Of course, if you make it too happy, they will simple move on with their life. So, don’t go overboard on explaining your reasons for accepting the breakup. Keep a part of the note that creates curiosity.  Perhaps about something you’re going to do in the future.

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Send it off to your ex and they will contact you since they will not be able to handle the fact you’re moving on before them. It will be tempting to contact them to see if they received your note, but try to refrain from contacting them. Go about your life as you would normally. The more you can convince them you’re moving on with your life, the more they will try to contact you and then they will start to ease their way back into your life.

Another method is to simply knock them over the head and drag them back into your life. Just kidding, because you can’t do that; that person won’t like or love you any more, only less. This is a psychological trigger that has been used for hundreds of years, most likely since the cavemen days. It worked for them and it will work for you.

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