Outfit Blunders to Stay Away From

Outfit Blunders to Stay Away From

As a man, there are some outfit blunders to stay away from.

Some blunders are apparent while other still needs highlighting because many men don’t realize the errors they make.

Prevent the following attire blunders and make sure you constantly look your best. Get the best grooming tips for a handsome physical appearance right here.


The Biggest Outfit blunders is Not Dressing Your Age

If you’re a teenager, then using the latest Super Dry hoodie with your G-Star denims and Converse sneakers is fine. However, if you’re in your 20s then it’s time to upgrade; of course, brand isn’t important but there’s a threshold that some brands bring due to the designs of clothes they stand for. You shouldn’t be using clothes meant for those in high school if you’re in your 20s.


Wearing Clothes That Don’t Fit Appropriately

Wearing excessively baggy clothes will certainly make you appear like you’re using your brother’s hand-me downs. Similarly your clothing should not be extremely tight but rather fit snugly. Go to the tailors if in doubt.


Using Socks with Sandals

Have you ever seen anybody pull this appearance off before? Enough said. Never wear sandals with socks otherwise you’ll look as though you’ve dressed in the dark.


Unclean Shoes

It’s something guys seem to overlook most of the time but its one fashion blunder to avoid. You really need to think carefully about how you dress and that does involve your shoes. A stylish guy keeps his shoes clean!


Just Having One Pair of Dress Shoes

At a bare minimum, you must have at least one pair of black leather lace-ups and one brown pair. You cannot just have one pair of dress shoes because different occasions require different looks and if you just have one, you’re in big trouble.

Wrong Socks with Suits

Your socks need to match your suit, not your shoes. If you’re using a navy suit with black shoes, put on navy socks. It’s just good sense and if you dress to match your shoes, you’re going to end up looking a little odd. Match your socks with your suit and look smart.


Putting On Warped Shoes

To stop your shoes from bending and getting out of shape, alternate them every other day. Doing this allows your shoes rest and stops them from stretching and getting out of shape. When you’re not using your shoes, try to preserve them and place them on a shoe trees to keep them safe and in one piece.


Belt Color Not Matching Shoe Color

If you’re putting on gown shoes, ensure the color of your belt matches the color of your dress shoes. Black shoes, black belt. Brown shoes, brown belt. Easy! It shouldn’t be too difficult to match and remember if your shoes are glossy; your belt needs to shine too. If you’re wearing casual shoes, see to it you put on a thicker casual belt to match instead of a thin gown belt.


Incorrect Pants Length

Never ever roll up your chinos or pants. Your pants must roll down to the bottom of your shoes but they also must sit above the floor. This will help to stay clear of unwanted fraying at the seams.


Not Tucking In Your Dress T-Shirt

Gown shirts are implied to be tucked in. It looks a little unprofessional and a bit sloppy when you don’t tuck your dress shirt in.


Wearing a Tie with a Short Sleeve Shirt

When you wear a long sleeved shirt, you need to wear a tie; this will allow you to look confident and professional. However, when you wear a short sleeve shirt, don’t wear a tie because it won’t look professional in any way possible.





Old and Wrinkly Clothes

Purchase a steam iron and use it. Unless you’re opting for a scruffy look, keep all your clothing pushed and wrinkle-free. It’s also wise to hang up your clothes each day rather than just throwing them on the floor after you’ve finished using them.


Wearing the Incorrect Colors

It’s very important you understand the best ways to dress for your skin tone. You may not think this is important but actually it can be. You can either use dark colors or bright colors that match the strength of your skin color if you have dark skin. Lighter colors such as soft pastels will be more flattering if you have fair skin.


Using Sweatpants in Public

Unless you’re going to the health club, avoid wearing sweatpants and other health club garments in public. These clothes make you look lazy and very untidy.


Putting On Too Many Colors

Color co-ordination is crucial, and you need to limit each of your outfits to three shades or colors. If you’re a little confused, discover a color wheel online and use it to help assist you pick colors. Colors opposite to each other on the wheel are complementary colors. Colors nearby to each other are called comparable colors.

When getting dressed, stay with complimentary and comparable colors and keep in mind less is always more.


Too Many Logo Designs

Prevent clothes that make you look like a strolling billboard. The marketers may like you using logos; however are you getting paid to? Exactly, you don’t need to overload your outfits with logos, try to go for one logo and no more otherwise you’ll look like a billboard.


Mixing a Lot of Patterns and Prints

Whether you’re using elegant or casual garments, stay clear of blending lots of patterns or prints together. For example, if you’re wearing a suit, keep it to two patterns and no more. If you’re putting on a patterned suit, wear a strong shirt and a patterned tie. You have to keep the mix of patterns and prints to a bare minimum to ensure your attire looks complicated and smart.

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