Best 5 Tips How to Turn Her into a Naughty Girl

learn how to make her a naughty girlNo matter how sweet or innocent the girl is, she is a naughty girl who has fantasies about sex. Problem is, she will probably never admit to anybody that she also is one of the wild girls. The path to these fantasies and turns her naughty goes through a lot of things, because she will hate if you think she is a slut. It’s a slow process but you can turn her into a naughty girl.


Talk About Sex outside the Bedroom

If you talk about how it could be kinky and fun with a threesome while in bed, she will think you are bored with her. That is a big turnoff to any woman no matter if she is a bad girl or not. Instead talk about it when your alone but not in the bed, for instance during dinner or in front of the television.

Do it slow and keep in mind you need to tell her that you love your time together but it can spice up things for both of you.


How to Tell Your Fantasies

It will be a bit awkward to say you would like to blindfold her, tie her up and take her from behind like you please; without sounding like a pervert especially if she is the girl next door. To have success with such fantasies you need to take it step by step because she might could be a nasty girl but take it slow about telling about your naughty games.

One day you say something like, “it would be rather sexy to tie your hands during sex” and then during sex try to sweet it into the act by lightly tie her hands above her head, or just get her used to you holding her hands if you’re not doing that already.

Step by step and she will accept it because she is a naughty girl with a bad habit which is a naturally thing known as fantasies.


Ask Your Girl what you can do

use the proper tips that works on women to turn naughtyAsk her if there are things she likes you to do. Don’t sound like you don’t know how to pleasure your woman in bed. Ask if she likes the way you lick her belly for instance, so she feels comfortable about telling what she likes. That way you can slip in things you like without coming off as sex freak.


Anal Sex

There are a few things about anal sex that make women hesitate. The pain about it and the thought it is a disgusting and a dirty thing.

First you need to show and tell her that it isn’t nasty. To do that you need to go down on her, and while doing it start touching her rear end lightly with a wet finger first. During your licking you let your tong lightly touch the rear end and then back to licking while you let your finger stroke the area lightly.

That way she gets used to the idea and when she is comfortable she will start enjoying it too. Do it slowly and remember anal sex is a naughty thing for an innocent girl, so it can take quite a while for her getting used to the idea about it, and also remember it can be painful so observe how she reacts and have patience. You have to find the naughty girl in her.


The Threesome

There is a big chance your girl has already fantasized about having a threesome but the reason why she won’t let it happen, is that she fears you might think the second girl is more sexy or hot than her. To have success you need to put the idea into her that your fantasy is her having sex with another girl, more than it is you having sex with two girls.

You could use a wildcard and tell her that she can pick who the third person should be; problem with this is if she is a bad girl she could pick a man.


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