5 Big Myths About Women — Debunked

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You might know everything there is to know about women. You maybe even know all the facts about women’s bodies and stereotypes about women, but maybe there is a chance you actually don’t know everything. You can benefit from knowing these 5 myths about women regarding women no matter if it is just to sleep with them or knowing how to get a girlfriend.


You Like Sex More Than Women Do

This myth is fact-less and no one believes in it anymore. In reality, women enjoy sex just as much as you do and even more than you do. If anyone has ever had a chance to have sex with a girl who majorly enjoys it, know they’ve orgasms a lot more before you can come just once. It’s all a myth.

Women also get into relationships hopping for ‘out of this world’ sexual satisfaction. Once they meet you and go out on a date with you, they only hope their wildest sexual fantasies will be fulfilled.

They actually have ability of stripping you naked without ever making you realize it. This is because women know how to condole their lusty dreams and desires more than men. The society has taught them that if you are easily available for sex anytime, anywhere, with anyone, then you are a whore.

Women therefore hold back their desires until they are sure they are ready and comfortable to sleep with you. They think before leaping. Therefore, just play your patience card bravely and you will realize sooner than later that women gracefully like and adorn sex just as much as we do.


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Pornography & Excitement Creation Materials are Not for Women

This myth is very inadequate and doesn’t bring out any truth about women, pornography and sex triggers. Unlike men, women don’t admit easily to watching this explosive content. They believe it is not morally right and therefore watch in secret. However, they don’t spend long hours searching for the same.

Women also look lustfully at men when they first meet them. Unbelievable, they also look at men behinds! Therefore, this myth is a complete swindle. Women also fantasize about men and sex.


Women Fall for Detached, Self-Proclaimed Maniacs

This myth is not true at all. Society has just created a space for this belief to fly around and stick to everyone’s head creating a cool impression yet the reality is nothing close to it. Men have to be man enough to stand up strong like real men when situations call for them to. Otherwise, pulling these characters on women is a waste of energy and is self centered.

Just like you would enjoy having your real girlfriend hugging and kissing you when you are going through a hard time, the reverse is true. Women also want to feel your tenderness and care in reality. Too much of a hard headed individual is impossible to deal with. Women will never feel appreciated with this kind of behavior.



Women Enjoy Complete Freedom

Truth of the matter is women love men who can prove they can take care of them. Men who can help them make the right decisions, and those who can portray a sense of responsibility, and ability to lead them, are what women want.

A woman who completely controls you will never trust you and will be judgmental, will never feel the urge to be with you. What is your use if you cannot make any decision?

You need to know when to let go and when to stand up tall like a real man, and stop her from excessively dashing all over the place. If not, she cannot feel protected and cared by you. Be careful to distinguish being responsible and being a control freak. Those two things are very distinct from each other. So, play it right.


Women are Into Men Who Have Great and Extensive Skills

I know it can be hard to make a move on a woman if you think your capabilities are below the radar. Contrary to this myth, you don’t have to have special skills in the art of attracting women. All you need to do is to learn a few, simple new ways to suite the goal of how to win her interest.

Let us go through what you can do to get your ball rolling. Do not be pulled by any other forces like society into doing what you don’t want to do. Do your part and then let nature take its cause.

  • If you are not a very sociable person, start meeting people and socializing. This will improve your people interaction skills.
  • Groom yourself smartly to boost your confidence and make you feel nice about yourself.
  • Be your own good will ambassador. Let others, including the lady, know you love yourself just as much.

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