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this is how the handsome factor mark belmontWho is Mark Belmont, the author of The Handsome Factor eBook which is about making an appearance transformation to be handsome? According to the author, he was like most guys growing up by being the normal looking kid with pimples, and he saw himself as the ugly one who didn’t liked to be on pictures. He preferred sitting at his dorm room while all the so-called cool kids hang out at parties or were dating.

Belmont spent a lot of time researching how to be a handsome man and in a way; he was trying to change his life. The key point was when he stumbled upon a scientific article about handsome people that explained how attractive humans are happier and successful in life then unattractive humans, he knew how to become handsome. It might seem strange but it’s true.

Personally I can relate to this because I spent quite some time changing every aspect of his life. I was like Mark, he used 2 year changing every aspect of his life but he achieved success. One could say it became his life journey spending day and night learning every way to improve his appearance, especially when Mark saw what great benefits a man gets when he get success by improving his physical appearance. It had to be an amazing journey.

Mark Belmont started to get beautiful women attracted to him and giving their phone numbers to him. To be honest I find Mark a very nice attracting looking man so I am not surprised he got offered a modeling job at a major clothing brand. Quite difficult to believe he was an ugly kid with pimples who didn’t kiss a girl until he became 24 years old, but it is the honest truth according to him and not many men would admit that publicly.

These days Mark is busy promoting The Handsome Factor which you can read my handsome review of. He is also working on improving and helping other men achieve their goals and looks at those people who have had success after their handsome factor download.


this is mark belmont


Interview of Mark Belmont Author of The Handsome Factor

You can read an open interview made of Mark right here:


Interviewer:  Time and time again, I’ve heard the saying, “looks don’t matter”.  I’d like to believe this.  Our society places more importance on intelligence and personal character than on physical appearance, right?

Mark Belmont:  Wrong.  I’m sorry to say that anyone who believes the saying that “looks don’t matter” is delusional.Simply put, your physical appearance has a massive impact on all areas of your life.  Whether you’re trying to date beautiful women or land a new job, the way you look will play a very important role.

Interviewer:  Really?  So you’re saying that looks ARE important?

Mark:  Absolutely.  Physical appearance is one of the single most important factors in determining whether or not you’ll be successful throughout your life.And I’m not just saying this because I want to sell my program – this has been scientifically proven again and again.  In a wide variety of research studies, men and women who were judged to be physically attractive were far more successful in relationships, careers, money, and social life.

Interviewer:  Why?  I mean, I understand why good-looking men can attract beautiful women.  But why do looks play a role in other areas of your life?

Mark:  There are two important factors here.  First, it has a lot to do with confidence.  Good-looking people KNOW they’re good-looking, and a lot of confidence stems from that.  And confidence is absolutely crucial in so many areas of life.  It’s not something you can artificially create, either… confidence begins with a true belief that you have the tools (and the looks) that are required for you to succeed.Secondly, there is a genetic and evolutionary reason.  Humans are genetically programmed to gravitate towards attractive people, because good looks portray health, intelligence, and a high chance of survival.Without going too much into the science behind it, it’s safe to say that everyone has a hard-wired prejudice against unattractive people

Interviewer:  So that would explain why good-looking people land better jobs, make more money, have healthier relationships, and better groups of friends.

Mark:  Correct.  It’s amazing, really, that this doesn’t get more coverage in the media, because there are a number of scientists and psychologists that focus their research specifically on this topic.

If more people realized how important their appearance was, they’d probably be more likely to take action.

Interviewer:  What exactly do you mean when you say “take action”?  What can a person do to improve the way they look?

Mark:  Honestly, there are tons of things men can do to enhance their appearance. Most guys haven’t even thought about it.

There are a few things that you CAN’T control – at least not without spending a fortune on plastic surgery or other sketchy things like that.  But my program doesn’t take you down that road.  Instead, I focus on the many things you CAN do to improve your looks.

And trust me, there are a lot of things you can do.  My own personal appearance transformation required that I look after a huge number of things:  everything from skin care and hygiene down to hairstyle and fashion.

If you flip open a men’s fitness magazine, you’ll notice that the models all have different facial features, different body types, etc… But they also share a lot of similarities.

You’ll probably notice they’ve all got perfect skin, great hair, excellent fashion sense, athletic physiques…. and all of these things are within your control.

Interviewer:  Very cool, I’m glad to hear there’s hope for every guy out there.  So how does your program take care of all these aspects? 

Mark:  In designing my program, I wanted to take all the guesswork out of the equation.  I figure guys want simple, easy-to-follow instructions on how to enhance the way they look.

So my program is essentially a step-by-step guide to taking care of all these things.  In plain English, I’ve outlined pretty much everything you can possibly to do improve your look without surgery, pills, or other gimmicks.

Interviewer:  What kind of things, exactly, are in the program?  What sort of stuff do you reveal to guys?

Mark: Well, the program has a couple of different components, including a 240-page eBook… so if I were to write out all of the things it covers, it would take me ages!  But to whet your appetite, here are a few examples of the sorts of things I cover:

– How to buy high-end clothes without spending a fortune…
– Five things you absolutely must check before you ever leave the house…
– How you can get perfectly straight teeth without braces…
– What women really think about chest and back hair – and how to make yourself look like a fitness model…
– Ways to safely and quickly remove moles and birth marks…
– The one thing you simply must take into account when choosing a hair style…
– How to wear clothing that hides any flaws in your body…
– And of course, much more…

Interviewer:  Hmmm… I could really use that kind of info… 🙂

Mark:  Ha-ha.  I’ve been getting a lot of excellent feedback from my customers, actually.  It’s pretty satisfying to know that I’m helping guys from all around the world!

I’ve even had emails from guys who say that my program has landed them a beautiful girlfriend for the first time!

Interviewer:   If that isn’t motivation to enhance your appearance, I don’t know what is!  You mentioned that your program also includes a few other components.  What are they?

Mark:  In addition to the 240-page eBook, my appearance transformation system also includes an audio course, three separate fitness manuals, and a guide to increasing your sex appeal and improves your demeanor around women, and a software program to track your progress.

Even more importantly, though, I also offer a month of personal coaching.

When members email my special coaching email address, they’ll get a prompt response from both me and one of my lovely female assistants, Katie and Jessica.  A lot of guys like to send in a picture of them to get detailed custom advice on how to best improve their look.


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