Tips to Make Your Ex-Girlfriend Jealous to Get Her Back Again

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Even though jealousy is a controversy thing to discuss, it’s something important to think about. You may even want to make your ex-girlfriend jealous for a way to get her back but jealousy can actually be a smart thing to use to get her back.

Remember these tips should be used with caution because your ex-girlfriend should not know you’re using jealousy as a trick to get her back. This could make her quite pissed at you which could mean you blow the chance of getting her back.

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The Obvious Thing of Not Contacting Her

When two people split up, it often happens the one who was dumped tries to contact the other over and over. However, this gives someone a lot of time to remember all the bad things in the relationship and contacting her immediate is a very bad idea.

This is short version of the reason why you shouldn’t contact your ex-girlfriend after the break up. Besides making those bad feelings come to the surface, it gives the two people the time to cool off from one another.


Why jealousy is the secret tips to get her back again?

Jealousy can be created in her mind! If a girl leaves a guy, the most logical thing for her would be ready to receive a lot of calls and begging from the one who got dumped. However, what will happen if these things don’t happen?

This is the way that can answer the question in your head “what to do to get your ex girlfriend back again” that most likely are driving you mad.


What will happen if you don’t contact her?

She will start wondering why you don’t contact her, and this will lead on to her wondering if you actually moved on and hunting other women. Even worse, it could lead the girl into believing you already found another girl. That is the worst part for most girls.

This might seem a bit far-fetched but try to consider it. You would think like this right and most likely already did a few times, so why shouldn’t she? After all, we are all humans and even though we are so different, we tend to think and behave the same.


When to use the jealousy tips on your ex-girlfriend?

This is a tip you can apply very easily right now even though it might be difficult, but getting your ex back means you need to work for it. You have to follow all tasks through so stop contacting her and let her do all the work for you. Her subconscious mind will start thinking about you when you don’t contact her.

The real beauty of the no contact phase is the way it creates jealousy and you don’t have to do any work at all!  You simply sit back and wait while your ex-girlfriend’s subconscious mind begins to doubt, worry, and wonder. Even if you haven’t thought about or spoken to another woman since breaking up with your ex, she’ll still be wondering if you’ve moved on. Soon she’ll begin to get a bit jealous.

You can read more about this no contact in this free book to download right now and also other great tips to get your ex girl back again.


You Should Date Again

Yes this is one thing that can be very tough if you forgot how to date women, but you really should start dating girls again. Besides your girlfriend will get jealous about you being with another girl it is also a natural trick that turns women on.

Women are more attracted to men who are already involved with girls compared to those who are alone. The reason for this mysterious thing is the way women are hard wired in their mind. While most women will probably reject this fact as bullshit, this is for most not based on being objective.

Making your girlfriend jealous by being with other girls will start making her doubt her decision of leaving you and it is another useful way of using jealousy for your benefit. If you want to know about why you should date again, you can get these tips in the free book right here.


make your ex-girlfriend jealous by socializing


Start Socializing the Right Places

Another thing you should start doing is start socializing the right places which are the places your ex-girlfriends friends and likes are located so you can be seen. It might seem tough how you should start socializing if you have been with your ex girl for a long time and have forgotten about how to socialize.

However, it’s basically means you should start saying no to invites, maybe start hanging out with your friends again and also try to create bonds with new people. This could be at parties, birthdays, hangouts or other places you and your ex girl used to attend.

Why Socializing to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back?

The whole idea of starting to socialize and be seen is another way to make her jealous. If you didn’t hang out a lot when you were with your girlfriend, it means you are having fun now and it will do wonders to her subconscious mind about your value.

You should also start using the social places online because there is a 99.9 percent chance you’re friends with your ex-girlfriend no matter if you are using G+, Twitter, Facebook or another social media, she will see what you post eventually.

Don’t go crazy and spam every second of your life, but a few times you should post what is going on in your life, and this is not about posting anything regarding your ex or the breakup. You really shouldn’t be sending 3 posts a day about you hanging out with the same girl, or having sex etc. You should send some information out about you having fun and that might indicate other girls. This is another way you should use jealousy which is also described in the free book.

These steps will in time make her contact you. If she doesn’t after a while, you can bump into her accidently and start showing that you have changed and being a totally new man for her and this is a very good way how to get your ex-girlfriend back again. However, it does require you to start doing the things you just read.

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