Looks DO Matter! Ugly Guys Don’t Get Laid…

looks do matter ugly guys dont get laid

By Mark Belmont author of: The Handsome Factor

It’s not a secret that good-looking people enjoy all sorts of advantages in life.  But did you know that being attractive can have financial benefits?  I’m not talking about hypothetical or intangible benefits, either…  I’m talking about higher hourly wages.

A study conducted by researchers from the University of Texas and Michigan State University determined that a person’s physical appearance can actually have a real, measurable impact on their salary.

For men, they found that the average “ugly penalty” is $2600 per year.  That means that men judged by their peers to be unattractive earn $2600 less than attractive people who perform the *exact* same job!

Not only are unattractive men penalized for their looks… handsome men are actually *rewarded* for being good-looking!  The financial reward for being good-looking, researchers determined, averages $1400 per year.

These findings were consistent across all sorts of different occupations, not just those in which appearance can be directly beneficial.  I mean, it makes sense that a good-looking waiter will earn more tips.  But what about a good-looking doctor?  Or a handsome lawyer?  Or the guy who collects your trash every week?

The researchers found that they’re *all* rewarded for being attractive.  Good-looking lawyers, for example, earn 10% more than their unattractive co-workers!

It’s not that people are *actively* handing out bigger paychecks to beautiful people.  It’s rarely intentional. Humans just subconsciously prefer to interact with attractive people, and unknowingly reward them for being good-looking.

Your boss isn’t consciously interested in paying her handsome employees more ever year.  But she probably is… because she’s human and she’s genetically programmed to favor good-looking people.

If you think about it from a scientific perspective, it actually makes sense.  Thousands of years ago, our ancestors were cavemen.  They were focused on a single goal:  survival.  They wanted to survive (and ensure the survival of their offspring).  To survive, they needed to surround themselves with healthy, vibrant, and intelligent people.   But how can you tell who is strong and healthy?

That’s where a person’s looks became important.  A person’s physical appearance is a fast and easy way to get a rough idea of a person’s health and overall physical prowess.  Sure, in today’s world, that may seem a bit of a primitive way to assess a person’s value… but it was all they had available at the time.

Eventually, after thousands of years, evolution worked its magic.  Our preference for attractive people became hard-coded in our genetics as a survival mechanism.  And, despite the modern world around us, this hasn’t changed.  We still favor attractive people.  We judge them to be more “valuable,” even if we aren’t consciously thinking about it.

Unfortunately, this preference for good-looking people isn’t going to go away.  We can’t change our genes or alter our subconscious tendencies.   They are, unfortunately, an everyday reality.

So, knowing this, you have two options:

1.) You can whine about it and curse the world for being unfair;

2.) You can take action and do everything in your power to be one of the good-looking people who enjoys advantages thanks to their looks.

If you prefer option number one, then I wish you the best of luck.  You won’t want to read the rest of this article.

But if you’re like me… if you want to do everything in your power to be one of those good-looking employees that earns $1400 more every year… then you should  definitely keep reading, because I’ve got good news.

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Let’s be realistic:  I can’t turn you into Brad Pitt.  But my techniques and appearance enhancement techniques will ensure that you are maximizing your own appearance potential.  For most men, that means you’ll see a big improvement in your self-confidence, too.

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Mark Belmont is the author of The Handsome Factor Appearance Transformation System. Mark’s program is the best-selling men’s makeover program in the world, and has already helped thousands of men enhance their look. For more free tips and strategies, visit Mark’s website: www.TheHandsomeFactor.com


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