10 Tips for Looking Younger than Your Age

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You will get older no matter what you do, and for many men that means they start to look a lot older than their actual age for some reason.

You can do something about this because it is possible to look younger and besides this article you can benefit from reading my article on how to be handsome also.

The way you do it is checking out these ten tips for looking younger than your age by keeping your body in the right healthy way.


Drink enough water each and every day because dehydration helps on the aging process. Most of your body is made of water, so it very important you keep it filled up with looking young for your age.


Workout, fitness, and exercise are important if you want to not only look younger but also feel younger. If you’re fit, you will automatic look a lot sexier, better and younger and most people who regularly exercise also live longer and ways how to do this can you find on this guide for men site.


Your body needs vitamins but, unfortunately, a lot of men don’t get a variety or enough vitamins their body needs. Start eating a lot of fruits and vegetables that include all the kind of vitamins you need. If you are a bit picky by what you eat maybe because you don’t like the taste of berries, oranges or something else, you should use some supplements of vitamins pills.




Get Sleep

Get plenty of sleep because sleep is what you’re body need for resting and how to look younger for men. If you have trouble sleeping, you should try to avoid distracting things like television or others in your bedroom.

Sun Protection

You have probably seen the people who been in the sun way too much – Their skin is rather destroyed. Remember the sunscreen to avoid your skin gets destroyed and avoid you start to look very old very fast.

Your Hair

Hair will start the aging process, and this is one of the most prominent places to spot your aging process. Many men lose hair, or the hair become thin but you could slow down the process or for some, even stop the process by using good hair products.

Besides the hair products, you might also want to use hairstyles to look younger if you are the type who used the same hairstyle that is all about being very cheap and not good looking.

Moisture Your Skin

Moisturize your skin every day with a real cream because if you lack moisture you can quickly start to look a lot older, and fresh skin will help on looking younger at 40, 50 and another age.


Exfoliation might be something you should consider if you need a tool to remove the dead skin cells, so your skin looks fresh.


Never use the cheap solutions for shaving because a lot of those cheap “use and throw away” razors are bad for your skin.

Use the reusable razors even though I agree that Gillette products are just way to expensive but they are the some of the best you can find.

If your skin is sensitive, you might want to use some shaving oil before the shaving that can help you avoid red bumps and rash.

Eye Cream

If you have black circles and wrinkles under the eyes, you can treat it by using an eye cream that moisturizes the skin and it could help you look ten years younger.