Crazy Way How to Woo a Woman with Words?

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How to woo a woman with words should be done differently. You are being a gentleman and ask her out the formal way. You need to invite a woman who you know likes you, out on a date doing something funny while you are seducing the woman. However, you don’t want to do it the traditional boring way.

Try to do it a bit different and relaxed like in this template. The example of things to do on a date which is written in this article is meant as a joke, and should never be done in real life. They are examples of things to make somebody smile a bit.

Humor is a good form to get anybody relaxed, and if you make a woman laugh then you come off as funny. Who wouldn’t spend time on a date with a guy that makes you laugh and relaxed? I think it is one of those things what women want men to know especially for a date.

You might find the way to do things totally crazy and not funny. You’re right; it is a bit silly but personally I have had a lot of success sending this to women on text like a funny invite. This is a good way how to woo your girlfriend and if you need to spice things up a bit, this is also a good option.

Women normally don’t see this as a clear dating invite (=they will be relaxed), so when I phone them after they read and answered the mail they are open to any invite you make her.

These examples described in the text should never be done in real life. They are just examples and purely fictions.

know how to woo a woman with words like these women


Write something like this for a different way to woo women:


Hi Miss Xxxxx

I think you need to have some fun so I’m going to take you out and do one of these things:

  • Go get a lot of Jehovah’s Witnesses brochures. Go down on the main street and start handing them out with the story that the new Jehovah’s Witnesses is into sharing blood, gay marriage and free sex with all. Use a poker face and maybe you can transform peoples view on Jehovah’s Witnesses to something good. (If you don’t know who Jehovah’s Witnesses are, then it’s a crazy Christian group of people who have no idea about how to read the bible and like many others make their own Christian wacko “rules”).
  • Go to the local store and put a lot of useless stuff into people shopping cars. It can be a lot of fun if people don’t realize it before they need to pay. Try to put in embarrassing stuff that people tend to hide buying. Remember to ask those people about the stuff they are buying.
  • Stop random people and pretend they should know you. Most people are polite and won’t say they have no idea who you are. They will continue any conversation no matter how stupid it is and you can have fun making really stupid conversations with innocent people.
  • Find a public toilet and remove the toilet paper. Wait until somebody needs to use the restroom and after a while offer them to buy some toilet paper from you (need to be a busy toilet otherwise it is going to be very boring).

Take a pick and send me an answer.




Like I said it is kind of silly and pure fiction but imagine if it’s a nice woman who doesn’t do anything illegal, naughty or off limit stuff in her daily routine. She will definitely find this stupid but also funny because it would be kind of illegal and bad doing these things. She would not take it seriously so you will never have to do any of the things anyway.

The whole point about this is to do something different and you will stand out from the pack. This makes you an interesting man for women because you know a funny way how to woo a woman with words. If you want some more proven ways for wooing a woman, you should sign up below and receive 2 books full of seduction tips in a few seconds. After all, why not be the best you can also at seduction?

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