How to Understand Body Language of Women

How to Understand Body Language of Women

Unlike men who say what they feel, women may tend to stay quiet. By learning how to understand the body language of women however, you can be able to decode the feelings of women by simply looking at them.

For best relationships, it is important to understand how to interpret the body language of women. Here is a look at the secrets how to read body language of women and how some postures, gestures and other signs mean.

how to understand body language of women will make your love life easy and these two signs are the most important.


The face

look at her eyes body language to understand what she want

All organs on the face of a woman tell something about how she is feeling. From the eye brows to the chin, be on the lookout for changes in positioning as a way of passing messages.

As a basic pointer, ladies tend to have more animated facial expressions when they are interested in what you are saying. Here are more specific pointers when it comes to the face:

  • Raised eye brows can show surprise when accompanied by an agape mouth but when accompanied by eye contact they show interest in whatever they are seeing or hearing.
  • Licking the lips or having fidgety lips is a sure sign of sexual attraction
  • Flared nostrils and overactive eyelids are direct indications of attraction
  • A gaze longer than for seconds from a lady you have not yet talked to is a free invite for a conversation
  • A clenched jaw shows irritation

General body movement

check out how she sits to understand her body langauge

If a woman is interested in you, she will sit as close to you as possible. Whether from across the table or next to you, look at the distance she leaves between you and her and you can know how your date or meeting is getting on.

Some other signs include:

  • Touching her hair gently or twirling a strand indicates attraction but beware of jerky hair movements as these indicate tension.
  • Unconsciously caressing lips, collarbone, lips, jewellery or any other objects shows definite interest.
  • If she has gestures that mirror your own, then you have hit it. The conversation is going great and she likes it.
  • Moving back when you come close is a sign of rejection.
  • If on a date, crossing of the legs especially if the knees face you show interest. In business meetings however, crossing legs is an indication of closing off so you can forget getting that deal.

Why is understanding these such a big deal?

When you meet a woman for the first time, the chances are that she will not tell you the truth about what she really feels about you.

Reading her body language is the only way to be sure whether you have got her attention or note. Look at her from head to toe and note every gesture she makes.

When it comes to dealing with women you already know, they may be mad at you and pretend all is okay. This is especially true for mothers. Take your time to understand their body language and you will be much happier.

It is a fact that all women are different and so are their body language signs and the message they pass. Take your time to learn about what that special lady in your life means when she does a particular action and spend time on the tips for confident body language. These set of skills will make your life around women a lot easier.

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