7 Basic Tips How to Turn a Woman On

how to turn a woman on

Statistics have persistently proved that it is easier to turn off a woman than to turn her on. How to turn a woman on is a delicate, sensitive and challenging process that must be handled with the utmost sobriety it deserves. In essence, a woman has to feel comfortable and appreciated before she can turn on and how to do this is by using these basic tips how to seduce her.


Make Her Feel Pretty and Appreciated

Making your woman feel appreciated is the first step towards turning her on. In all likelihood, a woman will feel warm when she learns that you find her attractive. The fact she has discovered you recognize her prettiness is already a significant turn on. When saying your compliments, it should be done in a low voice and tone.


Be Yourself and Put a Sexy Act

A man does not have to change who he is before he can turn a woman on. However, it is important to add qualities that are more attractive and be as confident and interesting as possible. If you act confidently and look straight into her eyes, there are high chances of a woman warming up towards you.


be yourself to turn on a woman


Communicate with your Body Language

The body language plays a fundamental role when it comes to turning a woman on. Through body language, a woman can learn the level of your braveness and learn if you are worthy of her attention.


Be Clean

Bad odor and an unkempt appearance is the first thing that turns off a woman. It is advisable to clean up, wear a moderate perfume and have your teeth brushed. Above all, shaving is equally paramount. This will put you at your physical best and boost your confidence.




Be Nice, Slow and Focus On Gentle Touches

Being in a rush is a situation that can be fatal. For starters, you can whisper to her ears. Ears are considered as sexy and erogenous parts of the body. With the finger brushing over the sides of her face, you can attempt to lock your eyes with hers. It sends a hot message.

With your arms around her shoulders, you can proceed and caress her hairline. Nevertheless, note that all these motions should be kept slow and light.


Amazing Kisses

If kissing is done right, it can bring a tremendous impact. It is considered as one of the most effective ways of getting a girls attention. Kissing should be done with the lips supple and soft. Even more importantly, the breath must be as appealing and fresh as possible.

As the kiss progresses to a deeper stage, the tongue action should remain delicate and all the motions kept soft. As you kiss, know where to put your hands. The hands can be placed around her waist, at the back of her neck or on the sides of the face.



focus on intimate areas to turn her on


Focus on Intimate Areas

There are intimate areas that can turn on a woman easily. However, these areas ought to be touched with the woman’s consent. Apart from the neck, the back of the knees, ears, and inner thighs are considered as sensitive areas. Do not neglect other obvious areas such as the buttocks, breasts and the genitals.

Generally, foreplay plays a critical role when you want to turn on a woman. Nonetheless, don’t forget women are different. How they respond to your advances depends on each individual. If you want a lot more information about how to attract, approach and seduce women instead of just dreaming, sign up below and get all the information you need – totally free.