How to Text Women? Avoid These 3 Mistakes

learn how to text girls the right way

If you get a woman’s phone number and the question how to text women pops up on your mind, then you really should read on and get these tips on what not to do. These classic text mistakes could ruin your chance of a date.

If you haven’t read my article Best Ways to Ask a Girl Out? Start Avoiding These Text Mistakes I suggest you read it first. Why – because it has 3 other text mistakes which you should known what not to do and they are as vital as the following mistakes. Below are four text mistakes you should avoid if you want success with women.


Long Boring Messages Back And Forth

When you text you need to leave out formalities, because texting is not the same as speaking face to face or emailing. Texting can be misunderstood and can be boring. Don’t use formalities as she will find it boring simply because formalities are boring.

The best texting tips for guys is instead flirt tease her a bit with sexual hints that will make her emotional towards you and in that way you get her attention.


Make Emotions

Without any emotions you ask her out, but ask yourself what reasons she has to see you? Why should the woman dress up and look the best to go out with you who she doesn’t know and who hasn’t woken any emotions in her?

So before asking for a date you need to engage her on the emotional level. Flirt and give her the good wipe by being a funny and sexual confident man who knows how to approach a woman. This guy is the one she wants to spend hours dressing up for.


how to text women like her


Don’t Be Predictable

Even after a date or two with a girl you still need to look out for slip ups on the texting. Most guys follow a pattern and use the same 5 messages or jokes over and over, and women are picking up on such things quite fast. It is one of the worst ways how to text women for building attraction.

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You need to be different from the general guy and be a bit unpredictable. I don’t mean you should be hyper unpredictable because that is creepy. Instead you should be the guy who is getting how to build a connection with women.

You could send a text saying “I thought about you today because something totally wild, crazy thing happen that reminded me about you, but you can get the wacko story on Friday when we meet”.

Most women are curious and a text like that is sure going to make her react somehow. This was just one example but the point is you should make the girl guess your messages. Keep a girl guessing and it will make her attracted to you.

If you don’t go crazy unpredictable you should have the girl starting to text you and asking you when you want to see her.

These mistakes are some of the things you should avoid and it might sounds crazy but men could learn by how women text a girl, to pick up the way they are used to respond to texts. It could even be used on how to email women to get their attention. If you want to know how to make your mobile into a regular women magnet machine by using a specific text, then watch this video how to text girls.

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