5 Tips How to Text Flirt with a Girl

how to text flirt with a girl like her

A lot of men are totally clueless how to text flirt with a girl. These guys end up making numerous mistakes through texting over and over again, giving them frustrations in their lives.

The smartest thing to do is to find out these mistakes, learn how to prevent them and eventually, learn how to effortlessly text flirt with a girl. You can easily learn a lot more by checking out this magnetic messaging video.

If you desire to text flirt effectively, you have to follow some essential but important guidelines. You should keep in mind that, no matter the kind of technique used in text flirting, the girl’s psychology is involved to a large extent.

We are going to look at the dos and don’ts to text flirting with a female in order to accomplish your goal.


First You Don’t Want to Look Desperate

You don’t want to look desperate so you can’t get mad when she doesn’t text you back. By getting angry when she doesn’t text back shows her you’re desperate or insecure. The best thing to do in such a situation is to wait for her reply.


Means to an End

You may guru when texting girls, but what good does it do you if you can’t get a date out of it? Flirty text messages only serve as a means to an end or rather, to get girls to go on a date with you. Texting is just a means and not the destination; dating is!




Show Emotion

The best way to learn to text flirt with girls is to use as much emotion as possible. This is because girls are very emotional. You can get attraction through emotions especially if you are being magnetic.

An example could be when you’re texting a girl, use emotion to make your point. This can be as simple as a smile template after every tease. This way, she can know you’re being playful and not serious else she might take your extremely rude joke seriously.


Have the Right Mind Set

The majority of men have the wrong perception of attracting girls. They perceive it as receiving something from them rather than having fun with them. If you want to attract girls, you need to forget that you’re talking WITH a girl. You get to attract her when you are challenging, teasing her or being picky compared to just asking questions. This is the way how to flirt with a girl and not only on text.


Text Sweet Things

This is especially for your girlfriend or a special person you’re in a relationship with. Here you don’t have to worry about being needy or not. It can be as simple as sending her a picture of flowers.

You can also take delicious looking dessert photos and send it to her with the title ‘Want some dessert?’ This is very effective because women always crave for sweet things, and it will work in your favor because they will associate you with this sweet dessert you have made her crave for. You can also send her pictures of things you notice or places you go throughout the day.

The important aspects of flirting are to keep it fun but be careful not to give her too much attention because it might turn her off. So don’t bombard her with text messages. If you want to be a master of flirting, you should get these 2 free books;

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