The Secret How to Tease a Woman

know how to tease a woman like her

One of the best ways to meet women and take it a step further so the woman wants you is to know how to tease a woman the right way no matter if you are going for a relationship or not. All women have some sort of defense mechanism against meeting guys. When a man approaches the woman she likes, she assumes he will hit on her.

You need to bust past this defense mechanism especially if you want to take things further so you can use your skills of how to seduce a woman the best way. Normally when men approach women a conversation goes like this:

Man “That is an interesting dress. My little sister might want one like that. Where did you buy it?”

Woman “Oh I got it at Macy’s.

Man “That dress really makes you look hot!”

This is the wrong approach because flattery is about you seeking approval and she will smell it in a split second. Sad to say but flattery about just stating she is hot isn’t really flirting. After all, hot women hear they are hot all the time so it doesn’t make them want you.




Teasing women effective is done by doing this instead.

Man “That is an interesting dress. My little sister might want one like that. Where did you buy it?”

Woman “Oh I got it at Macy’s”

You nod your head and look at the dress for a second like you are trying to make up your mind. Now she would have expected you to hit on her so she will be wondering and more important, she lowers her guard.

Her next question would be, “I wonder if he likes my dress because he never said” From here comes the time of make her want you. So instead of doing the normal flattery most men do when they are hitting on women, say something like the following:

“Well my sister is rather young but she likes the style. For an old lady, you’re dress is pretty sharp” Smile at her and say “that was a joke”.

If she is wearing a ring try with: “My sister likes those groovy rings too; any chance you have a mood ring? Bet you were the kind of girl to wear one of those. Was it blue all the time? You look like you have cold hands.”

Another harmless playground example how to tease a female could be, “My sister likes toe rings; do you wear them on your toes too? Don’t tell me you have a weird piercing like on your butt-cheek. That would be too freaky”.

“That thing is BIG! Bet you have to leave it off when swimming? Otherwise you drown.” Maybe not the funniest examples, but the point is you should know how you tease a woman without being mean or mention something about her looks.

Avoid insults she can be offended by in general. Don’t use the age thing if she is above a certain age where women actually feel sad about their age, or say she got a big ring if she is overweight. This is not the way to attract a woman.

You need to let her know you’re kidding, because the points is to make her laugh and challenge her by showing confidence. It will show, you’re different from the normal guys who hit on her  the boring standard way. After some time you want to wrap it up, and if you like her, smile and begin to walk away. Once you do, turn around and tell her (don’t ask) to give you her number.

Say something like, “Hey I maybe want to continue this conversation sometime, write down your phone number for me.” If she hesitates tease her some more about being paranoid like you would leave a million messages on her machine.

You should know how to flirt with a woman because it is the best way to disarm her defense. If you master the teasing & flirting part you will also know how to turn on a woman since it almost the same.

If you want to be the king of flirting and a natural man able to attract, seduce and getting women, it only takes knowledge and practice. You can get all knowledge you need to be confident enough to practice all the things in the real life on women, so you will end up being with those women.

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