How to Seduce Your Girlfriend The Romantic Way


Wondering how to seduce your girlfriend? If you are in need of a little extra firepower for a special occasion we can help you out! You will need a few things off our shopping list and you will soon find seducing your girlfriend is easier than you ever thought it was.

First, you are going to need some supplies. Buy them or borrow them, just make sure you have what it takes to make this a special occasion for her. This list will sound a little cliché, and it is, but that’s because it works and not only with your girlfriend. It can be a sophisticated way to seduce any woman!

Stock up on roses, candles, chocolate, a bottle of red wine, massage oil, strawberries, bubble bath, and a Barry White CD (bare with me). Now for the actual seduction.

Your girlfriend loves getting flowers, but you should already know that. Give her a dozen red roses and scatter petals down the hall to your bedroom. Lead her there and then sweep her off her feet, literally.


use candle lights to seduce your girlfriend


You should have candles lit along the path, as well. Scented candlelight works even better if you can find her favorite sense. You want just enough light to flicker shadows around the room. Let her relax and calm in the candlelight and allow you to hold her for protection against the dark.

Now comes the time for good old Mr. White. The slow, sexy rhythm and blues never fail to put a woman in the mood. Hold her closer to you and slow dance with her. Hold her in the small of her back and feel her relax and push herself closer to you. Even if you can’t really dance this is an opportunity to fake it.

At this point you’re half way to the bed, is she going to tell you that you can’t? Read this article and learn the most important thing: How to Be Good in Bed by knowing Sex is all in the Head.


a good seduction is taking action


Time for a dip in the bubble bath! Uncork the wine and pour yourself a couple of glasses. Slip into the bubbles and eat chocolate covered strawberries from the fondue pot that you should have already placed by the tub. This alone would be enough to properly seduce your girlfriend, but by the time you make it all the way to this step she will be melting in your hands.

Finally, a massage is going to push her over the edge of the seduction cliff. Your own hands, it turns out, are the secret weapons that will completely relax her and make her want you like never before. Don’t just squirt the oil on her, though, it’s cold. Rub your hands together to get them warm and then massage her neck, legs, and arms.

Keep working on these areas and eventually she will demand your hands start moving elsewhere. The rest of the process should take care of itself but you might want to get an idea how to pleasure your woman to orgasm to make it the most perfect evening ever. This certainly isn’t the only way to seduce your girlfriend, but this is the tried and true method that millions of men have relied on.

You can forget the music and wine if your girlfriend has different preferences. The key is to pick out multiple things that turn her on and then combine them in a system that will leave her breathless.


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