How to Seduce Your Ex Girlfriend

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She was once yours. Now you find your thoughts always going back to the good times.  You would like a second chance, or maybe just to hook up for a memorable rendezvous, but how? How do get next to her again? Unless it was a really bitter break-up and there is no looking back, hope may be there.

Your Timing

This is one the key elements to consider if you are going to seduce your ex-girlfriend. This is where most men make mistakes. No matter how lonely you are feeling, or how many beers you have had, resist the urge to text a million times. Needy is not attractive. There is an old saying which goes “you always want what you can’t have, until you get it and then you don’t want it anymore”. This pretty much sums up the seducing game. If she knows you are always available, it is easier for her to reject your intentions.

Seduce Your Ex Girlfriend

Mystery Man

Women are curious by nature so by remaining somewhat a mystery with your own life, it will make her start to wonder about you. Chances are she probably has creeped your Facebook, so a cool selfie of you wrapped up in the great outdoors, or some social event is a gentle nudge in the right direction. You want her to miss you. She needs to see you in two different forms: the guy she was originally attracted to and now, the guy who is constantly embracing and improving his life.

Your Compatibility

If you and your ex-girlfriend got along pretty good in the past, then perhaps your personalities match well enough for another round. Compatibility is highly underrated when two people think they are in love. If it is always a scrap-fest, reconsider the notion of the long term road–however don’t rule out a sizzling night of fun.

The Plan

For the night:

The definition of the word “seduce” means to attract, beguile, tempt, and mislead.  Being seduced implies being tricked a little bit, often into something that’s enticing but not so good. Often seducing is the corridor for sex.  If you are trying to seduce your ex back, is it for sex or her?  If it is only for the memory romp, then seducing will mean some trickery on your part. Not bad trickery, more like casting a temporary spell. This can be pretty easy as one, women love attention, and to be noticed in a beautiful way. Begin there. Pull out all the cards, but keep your cool. You still could get the boot. Seduction is about timing, mood, and setting, and the right words. Make sure you are wearing the cologne she likes.

For life:

If you really want her back in your life, seduction will have to occur every day while you rebuild the relationship. It is going to be hard work.

Enter every conversation like a normal guy. What does this mean? If you are going to text her, call her, Facebook her, do so with subtle, positive enthusiasm. Don’t drag up old demons of jealousy, blaming and past baggage. You want to get her mind going and in the direction to you.  Look for clues in the conversation that she is still into you. Believe it or not, when a relationship is truly over, women are a whole lot more crass than if they are clinging to the possibility of reunion. What you are trying to find out is if she still has an ‘attraction’ to you.

Become friends. This is the point where you text each other at any given moment. If she thinks she can rely on you, that support you offer is a gem. In fact, women secretly love a man that is ‘there’ for her. What woman doesn’t want a ‘super-hero’? She will come to you when she is down, needs advice, or is bored. This may not sound all that great if you think you might end up in the friend-zone.

Go back to the beginning. Think back on everything you did that turned her on and everything that you did that turned her off. What are you going to do to make her feel good about you? If you are trying to get your ex back or even seduce her for the night, remember you are not starting with a clean slate. If you act like you have changed, slowly that façade will come off causing her to run.  Even after you manage to reunite, keep seducing her, so she will have a lovely reason to stay.

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