6 Tips How to Seduce a Woman Sexually

flirt to seduce women sexually

Most people have the perception that being an average guy is a limitation to attracting a woman sexually. Most guys consider themselves average but there is no limitation at all on how to seduce a woman sexually as an average guy.

There are a lot of women who understand enough to want to be involved with so called average guys. Even if you are average in other aspects of life, it does not imply you’re average in bedroom.

The following tips will assist you to attract a woman sexually even if you consider yourself average.



This is one of the easiest ways to turn on women. Fun and interesting conversations can easily get women flocking around you.

This can easily make her develop sexual attraction towards you. However it doesn’t mean you must have a great sense of humor because all can seduce a woman by making her laugh. Provided you can tell simple stores that make people giggle and hang on your words.

You also have to be good at listening and talking to people. Talk to her in a sexual language but do not be over the top. If it comes out to strongly she will think you are out to get laid or plain desperate.

how to seduce woman sexually by kissing



Women get turned on when a man gives her a good kiss. You may be a regular and normal kind of guy, but the moment you give a woman an awesome kiss, she will consider you special and one of a kind. This is because most guys are not good at kissing. This is the thing you can use to stand out even if all the other things about you are average.


Escalating Her Attraction for You

This is one thing that even the guys who consider themselves to be above average still do not know how to do. Even if she is attracted to you, you still ought to be able to escalate the feeling to pure sexual attraction. Failure to do this will lead you back to the friend zone if you are not careful so to avoid this you basically need to know how to build sexual tension.



If you have self-esteem issues then you need to work on them to be able to attract a woman sexually. You have to be confident when you are around her. This is a trait you must have otherwise you’ll find it very difficult to make women want you sexually. Be cool and do not rush things.



good eye contact for seduction of women


Eye contact

Eye contact that lingers attracts women. You must be able to differentiate between outright staring and lingering eye contact. One has lover’s gaze feeling and is hypnotic while the other is somehow creepy. Good eye contact will make her develop a natural desire to be sexually attracted to you.


Knowing what She Wants

Understand her wants on a primary level. This will make work much easier when you get to a conscious level. You need to deeply trigger her attraction to you on the primary level. This means you shouldn’t have to employ tactics later because she will be feeling your vibe already.

The art of seducing a woman is not difficult to master, it just take knowledge and practice. You get a lot more knowledge in a few seconds by signing up below and receive 2 great FREE books full of tools you can use right away. Practice becomes a lot easier when you have a playbook.


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