How to Seduce a Woman Made Simple

learnthe easy way how to seduce womenWe all want to know how to seduce a woman. Having the skill of talking a woman’s panties of is just in our nature. The problem is most men actually have no clue about the art of seduction and most times men use stupid techniques like;

  • Lame Pickup Lines
  • Buy A Million Drinks To Girls
  • Tells A Lot Of Stupid Jokes
  • Brag About Their Successful Job

Admit some men actually strike lucky and go home with a girl. However, even in the bedroom men tend to be unsure what to do besides “taking out little john and ride a long” without any true seduction skills. This is because men don’t think they can seduce any woman they like because they often think “she is out of my reach” – Check out this video to make women want you now.


Don’t be a quitter to seduce a girl

Another thing could be some men have tried to seduce a woman and failed so they gave up on trying again. The list of reasons why a lot of men gave up on how to seduce a female is endless.

If you see a man who walks into a bar and all of sudden you notice women have their attention on this particular guy, it’s probably because he looks great. He may look like Brad Pitt or he may just be a guy born with beauty; or he has used the time to learn the art of seduction.

Do you want to be that guy, or do you want to be the guy who never learns how to seduce someone?

If you want to be the guy who doesn’t stay at fantasizing about seducing hot women, and have them to look at you in the particular way, then you should start reading these basic how to seduce woman techniques and proceed to learn each step even further.


Learn how to seduce a woman by knowing how women think

Learn how to seduce a woman by knowing how women think

Men focus on logic and women on emotions. This is a known fact but still men often use their logical side of the brain to make women think instead of feel when interacting. When men approach or meet women, they engage with a logical conversation interaction.

The reason for this is men feel comfortable doing it this way. Being comfortable is of course a good thing, but in reality you don’t have a clue when it comes to women. You don’t want to say that but you can’t help but think it.

If you want to avoid using logical conversation in interacting for a way how to seduce any female, you don’t talk about serious issues like

  • Work Or School Because It’s Usual Is Such A Boring Conversation
  • Politics & Religion Can Be Interesting But Usual Is Boring And Dangerous Also If You Go Into An Argument.
  • The Weather? Who Cares About The Weather – It Is What It Is Anyway.


How to talk with women for seduction?

What you want to talk about is fun things that create an emotion.

Say something like “Can you enlighten me why all women want a sweet nice guy but then they go date bad boys?” and then you make fun of whatever answers she makes.

Seducing a woman properly means you need to make sure you understand women are attracted to men who make them feel and not think too much which means you need to work on the text and words for creating the right emotions –Learn the the 6 letter word that makes her obessed right here


Don’t be a smartass

You don’t want to come off like a smart ass either. Many men tend to be a smart ass because they are afraid or embarrassed if they should screw up. What they do is trying to be expert on everything.

We all know a guy trying to be a clever boy who doesn’t really know anything but he thinks he does, or think others can’t see through it and it is so annoying. This is a trait a lot of men have and it comes of lack of self-esteem most likely. The funny part is they are so clever but these men don’t know what it does to women’s little radar “he gets it” or “he doesn’t get it”.

Women separate men by throwing test at men to figure out if you belong to the “he gets it box” or not.

You need to know about these test and a good start is to read this 2 Deadly Traits How to Attract Women with Body Language post about the subject but first you need to read on so you understand the basic on seducing a woman.


Women want a man who approach them

Women want a man who approach them

This might be a stupid advice for seducing because it is logical but you need to be able to approach a woman. If you don’t have the balls to step up to a woman and start talking with her there is hardly any chance you will seduce her into bed.

So if you have anxiety or problems being shy you need to have this handled before anything else. To help you on the way to get rid of anxiety I’m going to tell you a little secret.

The reason you are afraid of walking up to a dead gorgeous sexy hot women is you are afraid of what might happen. You are afraid she is going laugh her brain out, and shout out loud you are a pathetic little looser!

Yep your anxiety is based you being afraid of all the things that might happen and all of sudden everybody is going to think you are a fool. If you consider this scenario for a little while, you should start asking yourself a few questions.

If she is going to say no to your approach, then what? You had nothing before asking and you have nothing after she refused you’re approach, so you don’t lose anything. If she is a 10 out of 10 hot woman, she is used to get hit on, and for that reason she is used to say no in a fast way and that’s actually what she is going to do to most men that approach her.

Do woman really take the piss out you, if you try to approach them or do they just in worst case, tease you a little bit? Will it hurt? Will it kill you? Will you lose something?

My point is, all men have that fear from time to time, but those of us who been there knows there is nothing to be afraid off. The only thing you as a man need to do is work on handling your fear of rejection by getting rejected enough times – Take the shortcut and watch this video and learn to make women want you now.


Confidence is a must for seducing a woman

ow to seduce a woman easy is using confidenceYou have probably heard a million times that women love a confident man. You might be a bit pissed hearing it all the time but it’s true. I’m sorry to tell you, if you want to be a natural at attracting, approaching and seducing women the most important thing is being Confident!

You can read my article How to Attract a Girl – Become an Alpha Male which is not about doing stupid tricks and schemes to entice the women; it is about you being confident being yourself. Confidence is about you being able to like yourself. After all, if you don’t like yourself, why should a woman?

Let me illustrate an example…

How many women do you think will say “I just love that guy because he is so insecure? He really makes me feel safe so I just want him”?

This is not going to happen (there might be a very few women out there), and especially not with hot women who have guys hitting on them often. Like anxiety and shyness you need confidence, and getting rid of anxiety actually boosts your confidence. Boosting confidence step by step is what gives you the ultimate confidence in the end, and you can even use it to seduce a wife if needed.





Be off limit & mystery to her

you can seduce her into bed by the right tipsYou know the saying “what we are not allowed to have, we want?” This goes with women also because if she is not “allowed” to have you the feelings will build up inside. Besides being off limits, you should be a mystery to her because women simply love the anticipation and mystery.

If you reveal everything about yourself you will become uninteresting so don’t reveal too much about yourself and she will be even more interested in you. It will make her think, dream and think about you often.

These two tricks will build a desire inside her, which will eventually go to sexual tension. Sexual tension is what you want because if a woman feels sexual tension you’re very close to seducing her into the bed for sure.


You’re looks helps on seducing a woman

Even the ugliest guy can seduce and turn a hot woman on if he is extremely good at it. However why not take a shortcut and at least do a few basic things about your look, because even though looks isn’t the most important factor it will help to be descent.

Get a personal style and start looking like a man. Don’t wear your old footie jersey which never been washed because your team won a trophy 17 years ago and you had that jersey on.

Take a shower and get a haircut from time to time. Showering each day is a good thing when you’re above the age of 13, because you sweet the smelly way. To improve your appearance you should check out the handsome factor program which is an excellent guide to improve your looks.


Conversation should be sexual and seductive

seduce her into bed by conversation

Any sexual conversation can speed up how fast you can seduce any woman the naturally way. You need to sweet talk sex into the conversation, but you need to make it so you don’t actually say the naughty words and things directly. You need to be subtle about this because you don’t want to intimidate her.

Talk dirty indirectly so she think she knows what you are saying, but you are not being direct at any point. You are teasing in a flirtiest way and also in a way that shows you want to take her pants off, and you are also going to do it when YOU feel the time is right.

You need conversation topics of course, and the best thing would be to let her do the speaking. If you need conversations subjects get this article The Things to Talk about with a Girl about conversation. You let her speak but it’s you who turns it into a sexual conversation without actually mentions any sexual things directly by teasing and flirt your ass off.

Unless you failed on building attraction you should be able to see some signs of female attraction that indicate she is ready because women crave sexual chemistry.  Women love being teased by a man and they sure do love to be seduced by a man who knows how to seduce them.

Now it is time for the last chapter of the seduction… How to get into the bedroom! However, before you get the article on how to seduce her clothes of, you need to learn some basic sex tips that will make your sex life 100 times better in your future.

Read this article about How to Be Good in Bed by knowing Sex is all in the Head and you should be able to know a very valuable thing about sex which can increase your skills in bed. There are a lot of ways to seduce women, and you will be able to find more articles on this site. Spend a minute to give your comment down below on good ways how to seduce a woman or anything else on the subject.

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